Farmville A Winter Fable Farm Animals

Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were getting ready for a grand Winter Celebration at A Winter Fable Farm. As with all new farm expansions A Winter Fable Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm.

Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.
For more information on Farmville's A Winter Fable Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.

General Animals
Christmas Tree Bear Gilded Jacket Bear Lapp Polar Bear Oberteil Bear
Scandinavian Bear Snowman Fun Bear Winter Party Bear Winter Suit Bear
Aurora Thunder Tiger Aurora Hue Eagle Bell Blackbird Freya Cat
Fun Furry Cat Magde Cat Theater Warrior Cat Delivery Racoon Dog
Elf Dog Elf Helper Dog Festive Scarf Dog Snow Petal Dog
White Wreath Dog Winter Warmer Dog Wreathed Porpoise Holiday Season's Duck
Pine Costume Duck Snow Leaf Duck Snowy Duck Snowy Christmas Duck
Elvish Fox Red Snow Fox Glittering Pine Meerkat Grinch Meerkat
Winter Mosaic Giraffe Christmas Goat Country Yule Goat Dala Goat
Gifty Goat Thors Goat Winter Wheel Goat Light Winter Hippo
Gifting Kangaroo Scandinavian Maiden Llama Christmas Dancing Moose Holiday Moose
Xmas Joy Moose St.Lucia Mouse Merry Otter Scandinavian Otter
Cute Viking Penguin Candy Loving Boar Scandi Gifty Bunny The Warmest Hare
Imitator Seal Pixie Seal Starry Night Sheep Winter Knit Sheep
Berry Holly Skunk Ratatoskr Squirrel Dala Swan Scandi Swan
Dalarnas Turtle Festive Bringer Turtle Shield Turtle Snowfall Walrus
Jolly Old Narwhal Aura Wolf Frost Garm Wolf Jingle Wolf
Odins Wolf Mean Spirited Wolverine

Chickens and Their Eggs
Winter Knit Chicken Winter Knit Egg

Bulls Cows and Calves
Bloodaxe Bul Woolen Viking Bull Bletestakk Cow Festival Ribbon Cow
Snow Gold Cow . . .
Bloodaxe Bull Calf Woolen Viking Bull Calf Bletestakk Calf Festival Ribbon Calf
. . .
Snow Gold Calf . . .

Deer and Their Fawns
Bunad Reindeer Christmas Candy Deer Festive Fairy Deer Gifting Wreath Deer
Lamp Light Deer Nordic Deer Queensmaid Deer Scandinavian Deer
The White Deer Viken Deer Wrapping Paper Deer
Bunad Reindeer Fawn Christmas Candy Fawn Festive Fairy Fawn Gifting Wreath Fawn
Lamp Light Fawn Nordic Fawn Queensmaid Fawn Scandinavian Fawn
The White Fawn Viken Fawn Wrapping Paper Fawn
Horses Donkeys and their Foals
Holiday Mule Bauble Horse Dala Horse Dala Paint Horse
Odin Horse Peppermint Play Horse Royal Fauna Horse Saint's Ride Horse
Scarlet Winter Horse Spangenhelm Horse Viking Fairy Horse Winter Chocolate Horse
Holiday Mule Foal Bauble Foal Dala Foal Dala Paint Foal
Odin Foal Peppermint Play Foal Royal Fauna Foal Saint's Ride Foal
Scarlet Winter Foal Spangenhelm Foal Viking Fairy Foal Winter Chocolate Foal

Pegacorns Pegasus and their Foals
Scandi Candy Pegacorn Viking Pegacorn Gift Carrier Pegasus Holly Berry Pegasus
Ice Harpy Pegasus Pink Angel Pegasus Winter Teal Pegasus Xmas Twilight Pegasus
Scandi Candy Pegacorn Foal Viking Pegacorn Foal Gift Carrier Pegasus Foal Holly Berry Pegasus Foal
Ice Harpy Pegasus Foal Pink Angel Pegasus Foal Winter Teal Pegasus Foal Xmas Twilight Pegasus Foal
Pony's Stallions Unicorns and their Foals
Nordic Villager Pony Season Fun Pony Viken Stallion Blue Snow Unicorn
Christmas Candypaint Unicorn Ice Ballet Unicorn Santa Cape Unicorn Tundra Unicorn
Nordic Villager Pony Foal Season Fun Pony Foal Viken Colt Blue Snow Unicorn Foal
Christmas Candypaint Unicorn Foal Ice Ballet Unicorn Foal Santa Cape Unicorn Foal Tundra Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info
Happy Farming

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