The Farm Warp by Barry West

Velcome to Castle Kaputstone. Our 2018 Halloween Farm is on it's way. The one and only Barry West, King of the FarmVille parody song, has a brand new parody song to get us hyped. The Farm Warp gives us a little fun to get ready. What will Castle Kaputstone bring? Will Agata wear  lots of bright MAGENTA tones? Will Hinks Marbles let in a bunch of RIFF RAFF? Is Kaputnik a doctor, who is MAKING A MAN WITH BLOND HAIR AND A TAN? Does Brambull REALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL? Or is that a TENDER SUBJECT. Is Corsetta VEARY OF ZIS VORLD? Check out the song by clicking the image above or simply scrolling down and the farm on Monday 10/22/2018. 

For the complete guide to all of Barry's Farmville Parody songs click here To hear Barry
 amazing original songs, click here and click subscribe on his channel.

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