Farmville Castle Kaputstone Farm Decorations

    As with all new Farms Farmville has themed decoration for farmers to decorate their new farms with.  We have found images below for all the decorations for your upcoming new farm Castle Kaputstone Farm.  

    For more complete information please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to Castle Kaputstone Farm.
Maniac Doc Gnome Mecha Gnome Voodoo Gnome Warlock Gnome
Abandoned Lab Boat Arachnid Arch Arachnid Fence Arch Wither
Audio Trap Kaputstone Billboard Booboo Bonfiire Brain Booster Rack
Calling Coffin Chem Mixer Cog Kiwi Statue Creepy Handlamp
Dinner Gongsman Dispenser of Doom Eerie Glow Lampost Elder God Cthulu
Exit to Enter Fishermans Shed Frankenstein Couple Frankentower
Hungry Hut Kaputnik Branded Mailbox Kettle Cart Lake Spirit
Laughing Jaws Metallicat Monster Ahead Sign Monster Coach
Monster Rook Moonskull Boat Mystery Ingredient Ocean Eye
Operating Table Portal of Despair Pro-Regurgitator Pumpkin Cauldron
Pumpkin Well Red Rose Frame Rooted Man Samhain Arch
Skull Jeep Slime Monsters Spooky Bird Bath Spooky Lamp
Stone Face    Swamp Fountain      The Bat Post     The Forbidden Box
   The Invisible Mankey      The Life Source      The Mummy Box      Toxic Tentacle
   Web Arch   Welcome Chair   Wicked Windmill Wild Flower Gazebo
- - .
    Witches Cauldron -   -    .

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.
Happy Farming

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