The Great Farm Off Tasks

Get ready to get your Farming on! FarmVille's all new Old World Expedition is releasing for Early Access on September 3rd, 2018. With it comes its main feature, the The Great Farm Off. This feature is similar to the GRAPE ESCAPE, with its daily goals/limits and to Hammer Whammer with its feature specific leaderboards and yet new with the feature specific community goals.  This post will cover the TASK aspect of the feature. Read below  for an overview of tasks and A COMPLETE LIST OF TASKS, POINTS AND WHAT WILL COUNT please share....

Please note - the TREE and ANIMAL tasks are currently NOT working. We have reported this to the FarmVille Studio and they are working on a fix.

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Differences for this farm include higher points on some tasks, no other farm tasks for the leaderboard and no bushel tasks this go round.

You will need 10 Bundles of plenty to advance beyond your 20th point and accrue points for the tasks you do each day.

We will complete tasks to fill the daily meter up to 50 points.

When you complete the daily meter, you can earn additional points by doing tasks for the farm specific leaderboard. Unlike the Hammer Whammer feature from The Pavlozny Festival, The Great Farm Off's leaderboard does NOT have tasks that require you to travel to another farm to complete them.

You will need to click the BUY button to access the bundle of plenty menu, do not worry, it will not charge you any Farm Cash.

Once inside you will be given the option of crafting, Asking via feed post or acquiring more by purchasing land tiles. 

3 Bundles Of Plenty
3 Bundles Of Plenty
Squash Acorn Bushel
3 Squash Acorn Bushel
Grevillea Johnsonii Bushel
3 Grevillea Johnsonii Bushel
Pomelit Bushel
3 Pomelit Bushel
None3 hrs
12 hrs8 hrs12 hrs
5 Bundles Of Plenty
5 Bundles Of Plenty
Squash Acorn Bushel
3 Squash Acorn Bushel
Goldy Zucchini Squash Bushel
3 Goldy Zucchini Squash Bushel
Chickpea Flower Bushel
3 Chickpea Flower Bushel
None5 hrs
12 hrs15 hrs 54 mins15 hrs 54 mins
Bundle Of Plenty
Bundle Of Plenty
Anna Apple Bushel
3 Anna Apple Bushel
Orangetti Bushel
3 Orangetti Bushel
Galaxy Tomato Bushel
2 Galaxy Tomato Bushel
None1 hr
4 hrs8 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

As well as purchasing them for Farm Cash

Tasks will be similar to the ones on recent prior main features. 

You can check your meter for your daily progress 

and the bottom of the feature screen for weekly progress

The upper left corner of every task will show the number of points you will get to redeem it with a star icon. 

When a task is complete you will need to click the green redeem button, that will replace the plant,craft etc button to receive your points.

If you do not want to complete a task you may trash it (you will not get any points for a trashed task)

You will then need to wait 15 minutes for a new task to appear with a realtime countdown timer in the spot of that task.

Opening gifts in the Grand Museum offers between 1-10 points per gift, . If you receive a task for a gift you have already opened, you will be able to redeem it immediately.

Level Points Level Points Level Points
1 1 11        5 21        9
2 1 12        6 22        9
3 2 13        6 23        9
4  2 14        6 24       9
5 4 15        7 25       9
6 4 16        7 26        10
7 5 17        7 27        10
8 5 18        8 28        10
9 5 19        8 29        10
10  5 20        8 30        10


Completing animals in the Sea Side Spa  awards points depending on the difficulty of the animal.
Level Points Level Points Level Points
1      3 6        12 11        15
2      4 7        14 12        22
3      6 8        15 13        25
4      8 9       15 14        25
5      10 10       15 15        30

The Hotel Sanctuary yields  points each time you level it up. You will also earn TWO POINTs each time you harvest it.

We will have many crop harvesting tasks. You will be able to earn differing point values depending on difficulty. These will be complicated by the fact that upon arrival to the farm, you only have 40ish water plots available and around 120-130 land plots (once you clear the first 9 treasures). If you are someone who likes to purchase additional land upon arriving on a new farm, this will be a help for these tasks. You may also choose to use the many Instagrows it's possible to earn in the game (click here for more info on how to earn Instagrows). 

We will not see our first free expansion until the 3rd week on the farm for early access and 2nd week on the farm for general access. This means it will only be available for 3 weeks of this feature. This expansion is a land expansion, which means unless you purchase an additional tile, you will have to work with the original 40 ish  waterplots. 

All of this means that when it comes to these crop harvesting tasks, you will have to plan out your strategy. You can also trash the task if you like, but keep in mind that you will not get any points and will have to wait 15 minutes for the next one if you do.

 For more information on Old World Expedition crops, click here. Below, we have the various crop harvesting tasks and the points you can earn from them:
Land Crops

Crop NameQty To HarvestPoints Awarded
Alpha Cucumber1202
Anna Apple1202
Asparagus Flower12010
Chickpea Flower405
Desert Cabbage1808
Desert Pomegranate1602
Galaxy Tomato403
Goldy Zucchini Squash405
Grape Tomato1602
Hybrid Corn405
Mini Basil802
Nano Watermelon1602
Ogen Melon802
Pink Garlic1206
Saltmarsh Aster1808
Seedless Bell Pepper405
Spring Onion1602
Squash Acorn203

Water Crops

Crop NameQty To HarvestPoints Awarded
Aloe Ferox12010
Amazonian Victoria1408
Bazaar Avocado1206
Common Myrtle203
Grevillea Johnsonii402
Hyacinth Squill802
Sea Squill203


We will also have many craft related tasks in the Bazaar Stall For most players, these seem to come up the most. Unfortunately, due to the random way the tasks appear, players reported having 3 star, 4 star, and even 5 star crafts as their tasks upon arriving on the farm. Crafts take anywhere from 1-8 hours, so you should also factor that into your planning. There are several ways you can approach this. You can do the trick to level up your crafting cottage to 5 Star as fast as possible (see here) (disclaimer some players may have a bug preventing them from buying it back for coins, if this happens you will need to contact support). You can trash the higher star  and higher time crafting tasks, but keep in mind, you may just get another crafting task in its place. Due to the feature's randomness, it's possible to have most of your board be crafting tasks, so it may be possible to just ignore higher level crafting tasks until your building is leveled and concentrate on the lower ones. All of these decisions will have to be made according to which strategy fits your style the most. For more information on the  Bazaar Stall crafts, including which bushels you'll need, click here. Below, we've listed the various crafting tasks and what you can expect to earn from them

Bazaar Stall

Recipe NameStar LevelCook TimeQty To CraftPoints Awarded
Bedouin Rug11 hour25
Boho Earrings12 hours16
Ceramic Decorated Pot22 hours18
Ceramic Pomegranate22 hours18
Ceramic Wax Holders34 hours210
Cross Stitch Wallet11 hour25
Decorated Shofar54 hours315
Fabled Scrolls18 hours16
Halvah14 hours16
Kinnor36 hours210
Oud Guitar44 hours314
Pastry Roll11 hour25
Plucked Psaltery54 hours315
Rabbada Violin44 hours314
Sesame Bagel Bread12 hours16
Shatweh Hat12 hours15
Sufganiyot14 hours16
Wood Beaded Rosary23 hours18
Zurna Oboe36 houea110

Next up, we have the task of harvesting  animals.  There are many more varieties to this task this time and some oddness. You will get the task to harvest:

Quantity Of Animals To HarvestPoints Earned For The Task


 Most animals will work, but there are 
, but there are exceptions, such as some quest rewards. The ones that will work will be listed below for your convenience, and you can find images of them here. When doing this task, there are a couple of tricks to make it easier. There are also various foals and calves you can collect from your friends if you want to amass a larger number of animals for the 25 animal task, and a few of these are not locked and can be put into playpens on other farms for faster "grow" times. . Keep in mind also you get prizes for each completed animal pen (or you can collect them from your friends off the feed). Any animal you receive from the Sea Side Spa self contained crafting will not be locked and can be used on another farm for this task. In addition, if you have any of the older Capital One instagrows that make animals ready, they can be of potential use here. There have been reports of harvests not counting when using the Animal Harvester vehicle, so we recommend that you do not use this during this task.

Due to the random nature of tasks, it is possible to get 2 different animal harvest tasks at the same time:
The good news is, harvests will count for both tasks, so if you find yourself in this situation, it will be a benefit to you. Now, if you check below, all the animals you can use for this task will be listed: (The FarmVille Studio is aware that animals are currently not counting and are working on a fix)

Adorned CamelFlamboyant Desert Dog
Aesthete EagleFlower Mosaic Turtle
Anat Dress DragonFolk Costume Duck
Arabesque Mosaic DeerFolk Owl
Arabesque Mosaic FawnGreat Dress Monkey
Arabian LeopardHabibi Foal
Arabian OryxHabibi Horse
Balthazar CatHandicraft Calf
Bargello FoalHandicraft Cow
Bargello HorseHight Priest Foal
Bead Maid MonkeyHight Priest Horse
Beaded CamelHistoric Dress Foal
Bedecked SwanHistoric Dress Horse
Bedizen PonyJade Fun Chicken
Bedizen Pony FoalJeweled Mane Foal
Bedouin Scarf CalfJeweled Mane Horse
Bedouin Scarf CowKippah Dog
Bethlehem Beauty DeerKippah Sheep
Bethlehem Beauty ElephantLong Sleeves Deer
Bethlehem Beauty FawnLong Sleeves Fawn
Bethlehem Commoner DogMarble Polecat
Bethlehem GoatMarhaba Dog
Bird HoopoeMasaba Mosaic Pig
Blue Sash SheepMelchior Goat
Blue Sigil GoatMenorah Deer
Bora Blue SwanMenorah Fawn
Bridal Gown PegasusMorrocan Dress Duck
Bridal Gown Pegasus FoalMountain Gazelle
Bukharian Shell TurtleMusical Pony
Caiaphas CalfMusical Pony Foal
Caiaphas CowNazareth Maiden Pig
Caspar PonyNazareth Maiden Swan
Caspar Pony FoalNomad Hawk Tiger
Ceremonial DeerOld Innkeeper Chimp
Ceremonial FawnOld Spirit Bear
Charming CamelOld World Pride Calf
Classic Costume LeopardOld World Pride Cow
Classic Costume TigerOld World Tribe Oryx
Cloth Saddle DonkeyParadise Princess Pegasus
Cloth Saddle Donkey Foal
Paradise Princess Pegasus Foal
Color Bloom PantherPatterned Desert Deer
Colorful Kaftan ElephantPatterned Desert Fawn
Colorful Turban DeerPatterned Tichel Swan
Colorful Turban FawnQueen Gown Foal
Conservative BearQueens Gown Horse
Costume Wearer TigerRegal Bloom Calf
Cotton Thobe TurtleRegal Bloom Cow
Crimean Tatar FoalRitual Flowers Foal
Crimean Tatar HorseRitual Flowers Horse
Customary Hat OtterSacred Mother Pegasus
Desert Bay DuckSacred Mother Pegasus Foal
Desert Black PanterSandy Cat
Desert Born CamelScarab Gown Duck
Desert Bride PegasusScarfed Leopard
Desert Bride Pegasus FoalScarlet Arab Deer
Desert Costume SheepScarlet Arab Fawn
Desert Dancer GoatScarlet Thob Walrus
Desert Dress MeerkatShepherd Bear
Desert Fashion SheepShtreimel Dog
Desert Festival ChimpSilver Jewellery Deer
Desert Garb PenguinSilver Jewellery Fawn
Desert Gypsy FoxSilver Ornament Goat
Desert Paradise CalfSinai Alpaca
Desert Paradise CowStriped Walrus
Desert Princess PigSunny Paradise Cat
Desert Tree FrogTallit Whale
Desert Walker CamelTeal Mosaic Bear
Dressy CalfTeal Spirit Cat
Dressy CowTeal Wing Cat
Drum Beater DonkeyThreaded Wool Sheep
Drum Beater Donkey FoalTichel Fox
Embroidered Jacket BearTradition Dress Ostritch
Embroidered LlamaTraditional Costume Gator
Embroidery GiraffeTraditional Halo Walrus
Exotic Beauty DolphinTraditional Jew Cat
Exotic Traditional PegasusVillage Princess Cat
Exotic Traditional Pegasus FoalWedding Dress Gator
Exquisite PegacornWhite Sand Gazelle
Exquisite Pegacorn FoalWhite Sand Gazelle Fawn
Faith Cross BuffaloWispy Wing Goat
Festival Baby PigletYemenite Blue Foal
Festoon PeacockYemenite Blue Horse
Fiery Salamander

We will also see the task of harvesting Old World Expedition  trees. These tasks of harvesting  function about the same as the animal ones. Trees have a slight advantage over the animals however, due to Orchard stuffing. It is possible to take the unlocked trees to a farm where you have a lot of ready orchards and manually "stuff" them and get each tree harvesting task done within a couple of minutes. For a video of how to do this, click here.  Much like the animal tasks, it is possible to get two at once, and use the harvests to count for both tasks. Much like the animal tasks, we recommend not using the Orchard Harvester for this task.  For images of these trees, click here. Below we have listed all the possible trees to use for this task. Keep in mind that quest rewards may not work. 

All of these trees have a level two "Giant" counterpart which will also work:(The FarmVille Studio is aware that trees are currently not counting and are working on a fix)

Quantity Of Tree s To HarvestPoints Earned For The Task



Banyan Lamp TreeGiant Succah Star Tree
Channukah TreeGiant Super Garden Tree
Curvy Palm TreeGiant Teal Metal Tree
Desert Juniper TreeGiant Topaz Crown Tree
Desert Shade TreeGiant Unique Tropical Tree
Floating Orange TreeGiant Yellow Papaya Tree
Giant Banyan Lamp TreeGold Leaf Tree
Giant Channukah TreeHamsa Tree
Giant Curvy Palm TreeJumbo Olive Tree
Giant Desert Juniper TreeNahalat Binyamin Tree
Giant Desert Shade TreeOld Star Tree
Giant Floating Orange TreeRipe Pomegranate Tree
Giant Gold Leaf TreeSpikey Palm Tree
Giant Hamsa TreeSuccah Star Tree
Giant Jumbo Olive TreeSuper Garden Tree
Giant Nahalat Binyamin TreeTeal Metal Tree
Giant Old Star TreeTopaz Crown Tree
Giant Ripe Pomegranate TreeUnique Tropical Tree
Giant Spikey Palm TreeYellow Papaya Tree

Another task we can expect is to ask our friends to click on tasks for us, much like in quests. These posts allow 10 friends to click on them, and provided you're also on the task, when you click on the posts, you can get one for yourself.

Postable Name Qty Needed Max  Qty
Per Post
International Invite 25 10 10
Family Gift 7 10 3
Local Flyer 15 10 7

Finally, we have the task of spending coins. This task is an instantaneous task, that allows you to spend a certain amount of coins to win points and progress. The coins you spend do not actually purchase any items, and purchasing coin items from the market will not work for this task. For this task we will be asked to spend 10,000 coins, 500,000 coins, 1 million coins , 1.5 million coins to earn 1-3 points.

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