Farmville Unreleased Items September 17- 19, 2018

    We have found some unreleased images that will soon be released  into the game as possible Quest Rewards. Check out the Dirt Farmers post for a sneak peek at the images we have found for you.
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09/17 - 19/2018
Basket Maker Alpaca Shadow Cub Lacrosse Player Bear Nightfall Tiger
FBI Bull Thimpu Bull Judicial Cow Stellar Cow
Wildlife Explorer Cow Coastguard Cat Nightfall Kitty Pharmacist Cat
Plumber Cat Bricklayer Dog National Guard Dog Stuntman Dog
Wild Burro Donkey Nightshadow Dragon Makeup Artist Duck Miner Duck
Desert Elephant Nightspook Deer Audio Engineer Horse Cosmonaut Horse
Kungfu Ace Horse Lifeguard Horse Mayor Horse Riot Cop Horse
Royal  Robe Horse Thimpu Horse Eureka Pegacorn Commander Pegasus
Producer Pegasus Sculpted Pegasus Spooky Pony National Coach Unicorn
Senator Unicorn Union Rep Unicorn EMT Goat Geologist Goat
Pro Wrestler Gorilla Hockey Player Kangaroo Lineman Monkey Saint Monkey
Soccer Star Monkey Mailman Pig Marine Biologist Pig Stellar Pig
Atomic Berry Crop Balloon Squash Crop IQ Mushroom Crop Molecular Barley Crop
Plasma Ball Aloe Crop Puxxle Flower Crop Puzzle Fruit Ball Crop Rubix Mistletoe Crop
Softball Sprout Crop Tsechu Flower Crop Bedtime Monster Craftmart
Creepy Ferris Dracula Drive Food Vendor Tsechu Drummer
. .
. Holiday Hammock Tree Red  Blood Tree .
Glossy Elephant Lamplight Pegacorn Twilight Fighter Unicorn Flashy Peacock
Moony White Wolf Spooky Red Wolf Twililght Night Wolf Vampires Lair
Dyalotus Crop Beacon Flower Crop Mystic Night Rock Spooky Date
. .
. Spooky Entrance Vampire Tree House .

And last but not least the Offspring and Giant Trees
FBI Bull Calf Thumpu Bull Calf Judicial Calf Stellar Calf
Wildlife Explorer Calf Wild Burro Donkey Foal Nightspook Fawn Audio Engineer Foal
Cosmonaut Foal Kungfu Ace Foal Lifeguard Horse Foal Mayor Horse Foal
Riot Cop Horse Foal Royal Robe Horse Foal Thimpu Horse Foal Eureka Pegacorn Foal
Commander Pegasus Foal Producer Pegasus Foal Sculpted Pegasus Foal Spooky Pony Foal
National Coach Unicorn Foal Senator Unicorn Foal Union Rep Unicorn Foal Giant Holiday Hammock Tree
Giant Red Blood Tree Lamplight Pegacorn Foal Twilight Fighter Unicorn Foal .
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille News and Info
Happy Farming

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