Farmville Old World Expedition Farm Water Items

Farmville  has released some unique items for The all new Old  World Expedition .  These are water, which means they can only be placed in the water sections.  Below is a list of animals, trees and deco that can placed in either.  Please don’t forget to share this with your friends if you find it helpful…

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Crops and Trees
Aloe Ferox Crop Amazonian Victorian Crop Common Myrtle Crop Grevellia Johnson II Crop
Hyacinth Squill Crop Sea Squill Crop Hamsa Tree .
*NOTE* All Trees have a Giant version of themself 

Buildings and Decorations 
Ancient Caesarea Tower Bastion At Sea Chalice Fountain Cob Water Home
Flame Palm Buoy Lions Fountain Table At Sea Block House
Boat for Two Akko Ruins Wall Salt Structure Old Jaffe Watchtower
  Fort Castle Stone Tower

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