Farmville Castle Kaputstone Farm Sneak Peek

 Hello Farmers!! Happy Spooky Creepy Halloween! Farmville Castle Kaputstone Farm EARLY ACCESS is on OCTOBER 22ND. Here is a SNEAK PEEK of this NEW FARM. Please share with your friends and stay tuned for more updates!

Farm Name: Castle Kaputstone
Early Access Date: October 22nd. 2018
General Access Date: October 29th. 2018 
Center-Piece Building: Fort Fiend
Unwither Ring Building: Monster Nursery (Level up with Franken Coins)
Crafting Cottage: Crypt Reanimator
Self-Contained Building: Mutant Tron 3000
Land Unlock: Requires Baron's Permit for 9 Unlockable Tiles
Farm Points: Kaputstone Points
Treasure Parts: Sinister Pincers and Electric Wands
Main Feature: Mad Marble Machine

Do you know what KAPUT means? From German kaputt, though more often rendered kaput in English; via Yidish קאַפּוט‎ (kaput, "lost, dead"). According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of KAPUT is: severely damaged, broken or not working correctly.

The main feature will be the MAD MARBLE MACHINE and we will be joining Hinks Marbles to invent MARBELOUS BEASTS!

There will be an unknown mysterious "thingy" to harvest daily for treats and we will also earn Firebolts by doing tasks. 

We will need to earn parts for the Mad Marble MachineMarbles's Furry Freak, Marbles's Madclaw Marbles Dark Doom and Marbles Supreme Shell.

The PRIZES you can get when you get enough of a part are a Spikey Back Pig, a Mutated Cat, a Fangy Drac Giraffe, a Scary Trunk Elephant, a Web Ears Duck, a Four Eyes Chicken, a Pink Blob Sheep, a Monstrous Goat, a Furry Monster Llama, a Cute Monster Lion, an Ogre Gorilla, and a Glowing Mummy Camel.

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