Bob's Berry Farm - A Mystical Update For Fall

Starts September 30th - It seems that Bob is in the mood for adventure! The mix of old and new redeemable items for this refill takes us on a journey through a fantasy world. From dreamy forests full of dreamwood cats and flame spirit foxes to the bright colors of Asian lands with the mandala elephant and more  to the spooky dark realm inhabited by such fearsome creatures as the vamp sheep and spikehorn deer. We have the scoop across the realms so you can plan what to spend your berries on. Please share with friends as well.

This update to Bob's Berry farm will be live from September  30th, 2018 until November 15th, 2018.

Dreamwood Cat (New) Lantern Float Meerkat Faerie Rabbit (New)
30 Berries 30 Berries 30 Berries
Batwinged Turtle Mandala Elephant (New) Mayan Crown Elephant
30 Berries 60 Berries 60 Berries
Flame Spirit Fox (New) Lost Witch Caravan (New) Vamp Sheep (New)
60 Berries 60 Berries 80 Berries
Chinese Lantern Yak Jazz Club Deer Spikehorn Deer (New)
80 Berries 120 Berries 120 Berries
Spooky Deer Bubble Princess Pony (New) Fancypant Horse
120 Berries 120 Berries 150 Berries 
Festive Fashion Horse Moonwood Pegasus Serbian Dancer Unicorn
150 Berries 200 Berries 200 Berries

Now for a look at the offspring of the Bob's Berry Farm rewards for this round. 

Chinese Lantern Yak Calf Jazz Club Fawn Spooky Fawn
Fancypant Foal Festive Fashion Foal Serbian Dancer Unicorn  Foal
Spikehorn Fawn  Moonwood Pegasus Foal Bubble Princess
 Pony  Foal 

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