FarmVille Player Love - Updates To Bushel Management and Decorating Options

The FarmVille Studio has released some new "Player Love" features and your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop. They've implemented two much requested changes to make us happy. Does it please you? Do let us know in the comments and please share....

We can now see the farm that a bushel is locked to, within it's square in the  market stall. We are worried that this might slow the market stall a bit. What do you think? Will this make gameplay easier for you?

Finally this image shows tiles being switched to coin price, that were formerly farm cash.  There are many tiles that have come back to the market for 1,000 coins each, including several that used to cost farm cash. They have also been unlocked, to place on any farm. 

The BEST part is that they are all now MULTI-PLACE! That's right, no more having to open your giftbox, storage or the market between every single tile.

The tiles do not have any coded expiration date, and will apparently be available for long term enjoyment.

This set of images remains mysterious. We haven't yet seen anything in game linking bushels to recipes.

There is a VIP badge in the upper left corner, that breaks down into a tag to "get more space" Does this mean that VIP players will get MORE additional space above what the rest of us have?

There's also a component about sending parts - will folks be able to send more parts from within the market stall? Is this just for VIP or for everyone?

Then there's this little mystery. It shows a list of compatible recipes for a given bushel. Is this for everyone? Or just VIP members?

That's all we know for now. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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