Farmville Old World Expedition Farm Decorations

    As with all new Farms Farmville has themed decoration for farmers to decorate their new farms with.  We have found images below for all the decorations for your upcoming new farm Old World Expedition Farm.   

    For more complete information please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to Old World Expedition Farm.
Israeli Dance Gnome Israeli Princess Gnome Mosaic Stripe Gnome Rabbi Gnome
Shield Maiden Gnome Acco Gazebo Akko Ruins Wall Ancient Caesarea Tower
Lamp Maker Gnome Arch of Hardrian Bark Park Basket Bagel Seller
Beach Pyramid Brass Harp Caesarea Arch Ceramic Mosaic Fountain
Ceramic Planter Chalice Fountain Desert Flora Desert  Mirage
Diamond Crystal Dome of Ascension Flame Palm Buoy Haifa Street Lamp
Israeli Cart Vendor Israeli Street Musician Heavens Spiral Jaffa Clock Tower
King David Statue Lions Fountain Market Shawl Stand Marsabamonastery
Menorah Dome Monte Fiore Windmill Old Jaffa Watch Tower Over Looking CLiff
  Rose Window Rocky Beach Pool Seat of Moses Sesame Bread Vendor
Stone Gazebo Stone Tower Table at Sea Timber Tower
Tower of Calendars Tower of David Arch       Tower of David Traveller Shade
Victory Monument Water Wood Bastion of Science Billboard
Block House      Desert Dome      Desert Ship Rover      Green Mart
     Horse Rock      Iolite Crystal      Malachite Crystal      Mysterious Balance
     Ruby Crystal      Salt Structure      Screen Divider      Stone Eagle Fountain
     Topaz Crystal      Traditional Decor Table      Traditional Kids .

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.
Happy Farming

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