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Starts Sept 3 in a Farmville game near you. As Peter, Paul and Mary or John Denver would sing, we're leaving on a jet plane. Ok, ok  it's really a prop plane piloted by a mischievous looking sheep. Are we off to see the wizard? No we're of to Early Access on FarmVille's next expansion, Old World Expedition. Once again, Farmville will be giving farmers the chance to get a jump on the farm by purchasing  Early Access, which will begin on September 3, 2018. For 45 FC, you will be able to get a head start on the farm and also receive a number of other bonuses. The Dirt Farmer has gathered all the info on what to expect for this event. Check below for details, and be sure to share with friends if you find it helpful   

For more information about the
Old World Expedition, be sure to check out The Dirt Farmer's Old World Expedition complete guide

For Old World Expedition FarmVille is taking us on a brave but potentially risky journey through Israel and the Middle East. They seem to be taking baby steps into religion this time around with symbols and dress that are Holy or specific to certain religious cultures. Let's take a look at that aspect first.

The points symbol is the seven candle Menorah. This is the original holy symbol for the people of Israel, and has multiple religious significances in the Jewish  religion.This is different than the 9 candle Menorah used at Hanukkah. The male costume is dressed in and has the curls of a traditional Orthodox Jewish man. The Female costume wears traditional garb that  hints at Bedouin culture, but also resembles the snood worn by a traditional Orthodox  Jewish women. 
A Look at the loading screen...

Next, here’s a look at the popup that we will see when we load our farms:

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits we’ll receive for early access. First, we can expect the usual free fuel and double bushels for the week.


   We will also have 3 exclusive crops for those who purchase Early Access:

Hamsa Hamon Passiflora Parritae

    We will also receive a number of bonus items for purchasing early access including the Ancients starter pack filled with goodies:

The usual Free Combine

A Free Animal 

A Free Costume

and a bonus for The Great Farm Off

Old World Combine Exotic Traditional Pegasus Ancients Starter

Male Costume    or Female Costume

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing early access to take advantage of these rewards? Let us know in the comments, and happy farming!

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