FarmVille Flash Helper - Their New Chrome Extension.

FarmVille is branching out in a new direction with a new Chrome Extension especially for FarmVille 1! It's called  the FarmVille Flash Helper and your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop for you on what it is all about. Check out the details below and please do share........

First, lets talk about why they made this extension. We let you know last year  in this post , that Adobe would be ending support for flash in 2020. We also let you know here and here about progression in Google Chrome's decreasing use of flash and increasing complexity of accessing it. While it says that it is for Chrome users only, it works fine on Comodo Dragon and you can add it to Opera by adding the Add Chrome extension add on from the Opera add on store located here. If you wish to add flash helper to one of these browsers and have already clicked through the popup, you can click here to get it.

In September, 2018 Google Chrome will take the next step . You will need to give permissions to run flash every single  time you restart the browser.

The new FarmVille Helper extension is intended to take care of those constant flash permissions for you, so you can relax and play the game.

Read carefully to make your decision on whether to install. It does ask for control over settings that control access to geolocation, microphone and camera in addition to plugins etc. The support site post says that it does not access that information and that those are standard for Chrome webstore. We are going to ask the studio if they can get it removed, as our DF extensions do not request those permissions.

A look at the popup that we will get when the extension is announced in game. The popup shows exactly how to add it to chrome. the permissions needed as referenced above, a statement on safeguarding privacy and a look at rewards for installing 

(please note, while the extension is already available in the Chrome webstore, installing it before you get this popup may mean that you do not get the rewards.)

Note 2 - The popup states that the extension is for Chrome users only, it will also install on other Chrome based browsers like Comodo Dragon.

In a very RARE surprise, the rewards for installing include not only the pegasus, but also 10 farm cash. The farm cash reward makes us think they are very worried that we will not have the patience to keep approving flash manually...

A closer look at the one time  rewards for installing, 10 farm cash and the Royale Gold Pegasus.

If you do not want to install it right away, but want a little time to think about it, you can access it through this heads up display icon on the right side of the farm.

Once you install it, it will show the following icon on the upper right corner of your browser.

In a rather convenient functionality, clicking on the extension's icon on your browser loads your farm.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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  1. wouldn't let me sign in to Facebook....kept crashing and changing language to Spanish

  2. Installed it and got my FV$10 :)

  3. Pude instalar la extensión y gané los diez billetes, sin embargo no veo diferencia a como funcionaba antes el juego. Se sigue bloqueando a menudo y es casi imposible lograr un juego continuado. Es muy frustrante ver que no hay solución y ya no dan ganas de seguir jugando porque se tarda demasiado con cada bloqueo y el volver a cargar el juego.


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