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Farmville's All new The Frontier Trail Farm Expansion has its own unique treasures for us to open on our all new farm. If your wondering what might be inside, look no further!  Your Dirt Farmers team has put together all the info you need to see what might be inside. Please share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.

For all the information you need for the All New The Frontier Trail Farm, please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.
Purple West Bear Colonial Lord Lion Royal Colonist Lion Mohawk Bison
Tafetta Skirt Cat Apple Pickin Chicken Colonial Solider Chicken Wheat Farmer Chicken
Colonial Lord Cow Frontier Lass Cow Rich Settler Mule West Explorer Mule
Frontierman Duck Warpath Elephant Frontier Fox Native Beauty Vixen
Wild Giraffe Outlaw Kid Gorilla Frontier Lass Horse Furry Kangaroo
Fair Duchess Deer Fallow Forest Deer Pioneer Lady Deer Saloon Girl Deer
Old Dealer Monkey Pioneer Duchess Ostrich Cherokee Warrior Pegasus Pompous Pig
Feather Raccoon Adventurous Settler Seal Tribal Warrior Seal Colonist Priest Swan
Native Swan Navajo Walrus Pioneering Noble Walrus Sun Symbol Whale
Lone Outlaw Wolf Adobe Pavilion Ancient Column Antique Cannon
Saloon Barrel         Boot Birdie House Boot Fountain Colonial Bread Factory
Colonists Mansion Cow Poke Hay Stack Enclosed Colony Farriers Tavern
Ferryman Flower Barrel Flower Wagon Frontier Barn House
Frontier Sawmill Frontier White House Log Carrier Loom
Lumber House Mining Station Pioneers Mill
Rocky Pond
Settlers Fruit Cart Settlers Wagon Swamp House Teepee Island Picnic
West Water Wagon Candela Palm Tree Colonial Nightcap Tree Colonial Wig Tree
Duhess Gown Tree Horseshoe Palm Tree Juniper Berry Tree Mayhaw Tree
.    .
Yellow Damsons Tree . . .
And now lets have a look at the offspring and Giant Trees
Colonial Lord Calf Frontier Lass Calf Rich Settler
Donkey Foal
West Explorer
Donkey Foal
Fair Duchess Fawn Fallow Forest Fawn Pioneer Lady Fawn Saloon Girl Fawn
Frontier Lass Foal Cherokee Warrior
Pegasus Foal
Giant Candela Palm Tree Giant Colonial Nightcap Tree
Giant Colonial Wig Tree Giant Duchess Gown Tree Giant Horseshoe Palm Tree Giant Juniper
Berry Tree
. Giant Mayhaw Tree Giant Yellow Damsons Tree .
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and info.
Happy Farming

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