Farmville The Frontier Trail Farm Beat Event & Shipping License

We will have the opportunity to BEAT FarmVille The Frontier Trail Farm and win our shipping license.  Your Dirt Farmer team has all the details for you. Read below for the info and please share…

For more information related to The Frontier Trail Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's complete guide 

A look at the statue we will receive for beating The Frontier Trail farm

We will be sharing Frontier Points as we complete each stage

As usual we will be rewarded with the shipping license when we complete the BEAT event 

If you do not wish to complete the BEAT event, the license will also be available to purchase in your cellar,  for 150 Farm Cash 

Finally a look at the steps we will need to complete to BEAT The Frontier Trail Farm

Expand Saw Mill through Level 10
2,000 Frontier Points
Master the following crops to level 3

Red Mayhaw, Sapote, Scarlet Fig, Water Mint, Serviceberry, American Persimmon, PawPaw, Pink Lemonade Berries, Blue Elderberry, Graviola, River Spinach, White Cherimoya, Gold Acorn, Cow Lily, Water Wasabi, Pinion Pine Nut, Blushed Jicama, Yellow Sunchoke, Ulluco, Purple Soursop, Red Agave, Wood Avens, Maygrass, Amaranth Flower, American Lotus, Canna Lily, Sugar Cranberry, Blue Curls

2x Instagrow Potion

Regiment Soldier Chicken, Tribal Boy Meerkat, Village Hunter Dog, Colonist Damsel Pig, Innkeeper Chimp, Frontier Settler Cow, Frontier Outlaw Buffalo, Settler Guard Leopard, Native Tribesman Lion, Bombardier Bear, Revolutionary Rhino, Rich Colonist Gorilla, Duchess Giraffe, Admiral Deer, Royal Visionary Horse

5x Unwither
Improve the Frontier Store to Level 5
4,000 Frontier Points
All 4 tasks (Saw Mill, Crop Mastery, Blacksmith's Foundry and Frontier Store) Beat Trophy The Frontier Trail License The Frontier Trail Shipping License and
Beat Trophy
That’s all for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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