FarmVille Royalty Loyalty Club Team Members Video

Farmville's Royalty Loyalty Club, the invitation-only club that connects to long term and super active players has added a VIDEO of some it's new Team Members. 

RLC Account Managers include AMANDA, GABE, LAD and MALENA. 

CHECK YOUR E-MAIL! You may have been added to the Royalty Loyalty Club Today. You may need to check your JUNK E-mail folder to find it.

 Did you get added to the RLC today? Which RLC Account Manager did you get? Do you plan to use this service and CALL your Account Manager with any Farmville problems?


WATCH the VIDEO below and don't forget to share with your friends.

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  1. Got the email with video today (just checked after seeing your post, so thanks df) but was added to the RLC May 3. Haven't had any issues I have needed to contact my rep about, but doubt if and when I do need help, if I will actually phone them as it is long distance for me.

  2. I didn't get an invite. I play every day, though so it seems like I should be a member. Oh well.

  3. Did not get added and they even took access to support away even though I have been playing since the 2nd year. Yay loyalty!


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