Farmville The Pavlozny Festival Farm Animals

Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were heading to Russia for an adventure to the Pavlozny Festival Farm. As with all new farm expansions The Pavlozny Festival Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm. Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information on Farmville's the Pavlozny Festival Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide To The Pavlozny Festival Farm
General Animals
Polar Euro Bear
Skomorochi Bear
Slavic Bear
Tsikl Rider Bear
Zaporozhian Cossack Bear
Cossack Panther
Hypnotic Tiger
Lapis Lion
Graceful Crane
Tsvet Siberian Crane
Ruski Kaftan Bison
Chernuba Cat
Clown Cat
Cossack Cat
Euro Maiden Cat
Khokhloma Kitty
Russian Noble Cat
Kosovorotka Dog
Russian Guard Dog
Jester Dolphin
Hula Hoop Dolphin
Garmon Duck
Gypsy Maid Duck
Khokhloma Duck
Moldova Traditonal Duck
Euro Sweater Elephant
Kloun Elephant
Town Herald Elephant
Russian Gypsy Fox
Barguzin Sable
Faux Mink Mole
Mim Meerkat
Spotty Butterfly
Ballerina Giraffe
Summer Peasant Giraffe
Barynya Goat
Putorana Snow Goat
Russian Dancer Goat
Doll Seller Kangaroo
Derevnya Llama
Elita Llama
Traditsionnaya Llama
Melty Lollipop Llama
Blackmoor Monkey
Carnival Clown Monkey
Devil Sticks Monkey
Hooped Monkey
Marionette Monkey
Farfor Peacock
Candy Lover Penguin
Maska Pig
Russian Teacup Pig
Ural Scout Pig
Village Guard Pig
Bloom Crown Seal
Carnival Boy Seal
Euro Winter Shark
Muldova Flower Sheep
Kalinka Swan
Moldovan Maid Swan
Slavic Silk Swan
Euro Celebration Turkey
Novosibirsk Lady Turkey
Carousel Turtle
Faberge Shell Turtle
Uzbek Turtle
Russian  Carnival Walrus
Serb Sweater Walrus
Chickens and their Eggs
Fairy Chicken Koroleva Chicken Ogon Blower Chicken Pavlovskaja Chicken
.    .
. Ruski Pattern Chicken Russo Vogue Chicken .

Bulls Cows and Calves
Boyer Bull Horned Kichko Cow Kalmyk Cow Serbian Maiden Cow
Slavic Pride Cow Traditional Moscow Cow Ural Meadow Cow .
Boyer Bull Calf Horned Kichko Calf Kalmyk Calf Serbian Maiden Calf
Slavic Pride Calf Traditional Moscow Calf Ural  Meadow Calf .
  Deer and Fawns
Kloun Deer Lady Queen Deer Kolets Deer Russian Dream Deer 
Russian Print Deer Ushanka Deer Kloun Fawn Lady Queen Fawn
Kolets Fawn Russian Dream Fawn Russian Print Fawn Ushanka Fawn
Horses Donkeys and Foals
Kokoshnik Donkey Ballet Costume Horse Disguised Horse  Fabulous Horse 
Handcraft Horse Korona Horse Maslentista Horse Merry Go Horse
Ruski Carnivale Horse Russian Wedding Horse Steppes Bloom Horse Stuntman Horse
Two Face Horse KokoShnik Donkey Foal Ballet Costume Foal Disguised Foal
Fabulous  Foal Handcraft Foal Korona Foal Maslentista Foal
Merry Go Foal Ruski Carnivale Foal Russian Wedding Foal Steppers Bloom Foal
. .
. Stuntman Foal Two Face Foal .
Pegacorn, Pegasus and Foals
Image Coming Soon
Porcelain Pegacorn Snow Guard Pegacorn Tsar Lord
Arlekin Pegasus 
Image Coming Soon
Columbina Pegasus  Russian Bride Pegasus Sneg Karnaval Pegasus Porcelain Pegacorn Foal
Snow Guard
Pegacorn Foal
Tsar  Lord
Pegacorn Foal
Arlekin Pegasus Foal Columbina Pegasus Foal
 . .  
Russian Bride Pegasus Foal Sneg Karnival Pegasus Foal  .  .
Pony's, Unicorns and Foals
Mountain Courier Pony Painted Russian Pony Princely Pony Carnival Band Unicorn 
Image Coming Soon
Herdsman Unicorn Trapetsiya Unicorn Mountain Courier Pony Foal Painted Russian Pony Foal
   Image Coming Soon
Princely Pony Foal Carnival Band Pony Foal Herdsman Unicorn Foal Trapetsiya Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and Info...
Happy Farming

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