FarmVille Fourth Of July LE Bundles


The FarmVille Studio will soon launch a limited edition 4th of July Bundle. It is a collection of 15 re-released  4th of July themed items, that when purchased together as bundle, advertise a discount of 55% off. There is no price visible to us currently on this package, so we cannot tell if the package will be purchasable with Farm Cash or whether it is a separate credit card transaction. Check out the details below and please do share....

A look at the loading screen

A look at the popup inviting us to purchase.

If you need time to think, you will be able to access the feature from July 2nd, 2018 to July 4th, 2018 via the icon on the side of your farm.

Now for a look at the items included

Parade Participant Gorilla Independence Parade Cycle Parade Fashion Cow
4th of July Arch Captain Turtle Freedom Flag Fence
(This would appear to be one piece not a pack so far)
Independence Day Peacock Freedom Meerkat Independence Parade Pegasus
Pariotic Pony Independence Parade Gnomette Independence Gathering Gazebo
Celebration Ribbons Tree Patriotic Windmill Tree Parade Watcher Rabbit

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