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Starts Monday, June 25th - Do you remember Stevie, our intrepid wild life photographer friend from the FarmVille Savannah Safari farm? His mastery of camouflage is as sharp as ever, and now he is exploring on an Amazon Safari!  He has found three habitats chock full of colorful and exotic critters. The problem is that they are as stealthy as he is and thus well hidden... if you help him locate and study them , you will be able to keep the Tropic Mosaic Unicorn on your farm as a bonus prize!

 FarmVille will soon come out with another tiered level crafting basket in the style of the Ghoul Ball , Sugar Dust Valley ,The Fountain of Springs, and Mashashi's Ultimatum. We will be collecting and crafting Memory Sticks to redeem for prizes. The best part of this feature is that you will redeem prizes of your choice, using Memory Sticks as currency, no random chances. Your Dirt Farmer team has the details below for you, read on to get the scoop and please share.....

Amazon Safari is currently scheduled to go live on June 25th, 2018 and end on July 25th, 2018
A look at the loading screen that we will see before the feature goes live on our farms.
A look at the loading screen that we will see when the feature goes live on our farms.
The pop-up that we will receive inviting us to play Amazon Safari


A preview of the feature walkthrough with Stevie himself.
We will be able to choose from 3 Habitats of different sizes and difficulty levels to play for.

Stevie will make a recommendation for each one of us for best odds to finish based on prior completion rates.


If you are not happy with the crate you chose, you can switch only once and keep your progress.


We will be able to post or craft for Memory Sticks to lure the exotic animals out of hiding.



A look at the recipes for crafting the Memory Sticks.

Each recipe includes one new crop. The new crops will be in the market at the regular update time, prior to the feature’s release. All three are currently available in the Bushel Swap feature if you wish to get a jump.

Remember that new crops give lower bushel yields until they are mastered, so plan your planting quantities accordingly.

The first recipe yields one Memory Stick and includes the new Amazon Egg Plant crop.


Recipe NameBushels RequiredMastery NumbersCraft Time
Bushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3
1 Memory Stick
1 Memory Stick
Dandelion Bushel
1 Dandelion Bushel
Amazon Egg Plant Bushel
2 Amazon Egg Plant Bushel
Cantaloupe Bushel
2 Cantaloupe Bushel
5/10/201 hr
8 hrs12 hrs11 hrs 54 mins

The second recipe yields three Memory Sticks and includes the new Tropical Sugar Cane crop. 

3 Memory Sticks
3 Memory Sticks
Celery Bushel
2 Celery Bushel
Tropical Sugar Cane Bushel
3 Tropical Sugar Cane Bushel
Tomato Bushel
2 Tomato Bushel
5/10/202 hrs
23 hrs12 hrs8 hrs

The third recipe yields five Memory Sticks and includes the new Amazon Exotic Bloom crop.

5 Memory Sticks
5 Memory Sticks
Rice Bushel
3 Rice Bushel
Rhubarb Bushel
3 Rhubarb Bushel
Amazon Exotic Bloom Bushel
2 Amazon Exotic Bloom Bushel
5/10/204 hrs
12 hrs16 hrs15 hrs 54 mins
By redeeming all of the animals in our chosen crate, we can win a bonus prize - and keep the Tropic Mosaic Unicorn on our farms.
If you complete your crate with time remaining on the feature, you can replay it or play another crate.
If you do happen to choose a crate that you have already played, Stevie will check with you to see if you really wish to do that, so you don't have to worry about having to complete the same crate again due to one misclick.
As mentioned above, we will be collecting and crafting  Memory Sticks to lure the animals out of hiding. We will also be able to purchase these for Farm Cash.. Note that the quantity and pricing text is a placeholder. The actual cost will be available in game.
Now for a look at the crates and rewards. As usual, there are some animals unique to each crate, and some that repeat in two.

 There are no animals in common between the small Montane Forest Habitat and the medium Subtropical Forest Habitat.

Animals with names listed in BLUE are in both the small Montane Forest and Large Tropical Rainforest Habitat.

Animals with names listed in GREEN are in both the medium Subtropical Forest and the Large Tropical Rainforest Habitat.

Animals with names listed in PINK are unique to their own Habitat

For whatever reason, someone at the FarmVille Studio chose to code the EARTH SOUL ELEPHANT as a SHEEP. While it will still go into the Wildlife Pen and Zoo, like a normal elephant, it will also go into the SHEEP PEN and will give WOOL BUNDLES when harvested. 

The Montane Forest Habitat has FIVE animal rewards that you can redeem. You will need a total of 305 Memory Sticks to redeem all rewards in this campsite.
Aztec Cypher Deer Orange Amazon Peacock River Bloom Sheep
100 Memory Sticks 30 Memory Sticks 60 Memory Sticks
Sun Cross Llama Sun Spot Duck  
45 Memory Sticks 70 Memory Sticks  
The medium Subtropical Forest has NINE animal rewards that you can redeem. You will need a total of 705 Memory Sticks to redeem all rewards in this campsite.
Amazon Vine Buffalo Earth Soul Elephant Golden Lily Goat
110 Memory Sticks 95 Memory Sticks 95 Memory Sticks
Green Butterfly Bull Peacock Green Pony Pink Stripe Panther
65 Memory Sticks 85 Memory Sticks 35 Memory Sticks
Razzle Giraffe Tropic Petal Bear White China Horse
45 Memory Sticks 65 Memory Sticks 110 Memory Sticks
The Large Tropical Rainforest Habitat has SIXTEEN animal rewards that you can redeem. You will need a total of 1,045 Memory Sticks to redeem all rewards in this campsite
Amazon Mosaic Chicken Amazon Orchid Horse Amazon Teal Deer
65 Memory Sticks 115 Memory Sticks 95 Memory Sticks
Amazon Vine Buffalo Amazonian Zebra Andean Fall Horse
65 Memory Sticks 40 Memory Sticks 90 Memory Sticks
Aztec Cypher Deer Colour Swirl Rabbit Earth Soul Elephant
100 Memory Sticks 35 Memory Sticks 30 Memory Sticks
Golden Lily Goat Lavender Vine Pegasus Peruvian Knit Sheep
30 Memory Sticks 120 Memory Sticks 35 Memory Sticks
Razzle Stripe Tiger Sun Spot Duck Tropic Swirl Cow
45 Memory Sticks 30 Memory Sticks 65 Memory Sticks
  White China Horse  
  75 Memory Sticks  
You will need 2,055 Memory Sticks if you want to complete all 3 stages and get all 24 animals.
You can save 210 of these or need a total of 1,845 by doing  the medium Subtropical Forest campsite LAST!. This is because there are no duplicates between small and medium, and of 6 total  duplicates in the large 4 can be found in  the medium . The memory stick prices in the large versus the medium are much lower for this particular feature. If you already have these animals, you will not need to redeem them again, thus saving yourself a lot of treats. This way, you will be covered regardless of whether duplicates are checked off or not.
That is the equivalent of making 411 if 2,055 or 369 if 1,845 of the  5 Memory Sticks recipe

This will require 1,233 Rice bushels, 1,233 Rhubarb bushels and 822 Amazon Exotic Bloom bushels for 411 5 Memory Stick Recipes
This will require 1,107 Rice bushels, 1,107 Rhubarb bushels and 738 Amazon Exotic Bloom bushels for 369, 5 Memory Stick Recipes
A look at the Bonus Prize  - Tropic Mosaic Unicorn
Finally, a look at the offspring from the various reward animals

Tropic Mosaic
Unicorn Foal
Tropic Swirl
Amazon Teal Fawn
White China FoalAmazon Orchid FoalAndean Fall Foal
Amazonian Zebra FoalLavender Vine Pegasus FoalPeacock Green Pony Foal
Aztec Cypher FawnGreen Butterfly Bull Calf
That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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