Farmville Unreleased Items May 23, 2018

We have found some unreleased images that will soon be released  into the game as possible Quest Rewards.  We have also included the upcoming VIP and stages of Mastery.
Check out the Dirt Farmers post for a sneak peek at the images we have found for you.
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Shaman Bear Teal Feathered Lion Festive Attire Bull Festive Camo Cow
Steppe Flower Cow B Boy Cat Decorated Gala Cat Hypno Chicken
Daman Dog Moth Wing Dog VIP Bumbo Dromo Duck Brazillian Festive Deer
Night Lotus Horse Royalty Mask Horse VIP Cherry Fruit Pegacorn Cool Skool Pegacorn
Spring Wedding Pegacorn VIP Starlight Pegacorn VIP Color Carnival Pegasus VIP Festive Camo Pegasus
Feiry Mane Pony Orange Party Unicorn Rainbow Sky Unicorn VIP Spring Carousel Unicorn VIP
Apache Fox VIP Flame Tail Fox VIP Boi Bumba Goat Boi Bumba Hippo
Majestic Parade Peacock Cherry Fruit Pig Elegant Festive Pig Bumbo Dromo Sheep
Red Matsuri Sheep Ural  Meadow Sheep Dream Chaser Wolf VIP White Lantern Wolf
Hip Watermelon Crop Matsuri Fruit Crop Elegant Matsuri Fountain Freedom Balloon
Garden Rest Floral Camp Gnome Moldova Style Gnome Nomads Kitchen
. . .
Parintins Palm Tree . . .
VIP Stages of Mastery
Small Adult Wings Fire
Let's have a sneak peek at the Offspring and Giant Trees
Festive Attire Bull Calf Festive Camo Calf Steppe Flower Calf Brazillian Festive Fawn
Night Lotus Foal Royalty Mask Foal Cherry Fruit Pegacorn Foal Cool Skool Pegacorn Foal
Spring Wedding Pegacorn Foal Starlight Pegacorn Foal Cool Carnival Pegasus Foal Festive Camo Pegasus Foal
Feiry Mane Pony Foal Orange Party Unicorn Foal Rainbow Sky Unicorn Foal Spring Carousel Unicorn Foal
. .
. Hypno Chicken Egg Giant Parintins Palm Tree .
and finally a peek and Future Market Updates
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille News and Info ....
Happy Farming

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