Farmville The Pavlozny Festival Farm: Hammer Whammer Main Feature Complete Guide

Get ready to get physical and flex those muscles. FarmVille's all new The Pavlozny Festival is releasing for Early Access on June 4th, 2018. With it comes its main feature, the HAMMER WHAMMER. Similar to the GRAPE ESCAPE, with its daily goals/limits, 40 levels of tasks and mini game in between, we will help the Pavlozny Strongman hit the Hammer Whammer for prizes or Golden Tickets. The stronger you are the more you win. Check out what we can show you so far and please share....

For the Complete Guide to FarmVille's The Pavlozny Festival Farm Click here.

First we have some loading screens & Popups to get us started.

The feature will go live on June 4, with early access to the new farm and will end on July 16, 2018. 

You will be able to harvest the consumable building that you win from July 16-July 29, 2018.

Purchasing Early Access will give you bonus points, bonus tickets and a week head start on the feature, which must be played on the new farm. There will also be a head start on the meter for those seven days.

The final prize will be the usual building that harvests for consumables. There will be three buildings you can win, depending on if you are strong (average 10 points per day) , stronger (average 20 points per day) or strongest (average 30 points per day)(Please note that the average of 30 is lower than the 35 required to win each day's final prize, so you do not have to finish every single day to win the strongest winery.

The three levels of building will offer increasing varieties of consumables

Now for how it works 

We can access the feature via the usual icon on the right side of the farm, or via the strongman image just off your farm.

As with the Grape Escape we expect that there will be a real-time countdown timer with days remaining or current feature day within the feature and that the day will roll over at the normal market update time .

We will need Karnaval Tickets to play the Hammer Whammer....

 Karnaval tickets will be craftable in increments of 1,3 and 5 

3 Karnaval Tickets
3 Karnaval Tickets
Victoria Plum Bushel
3 Victoria Plum Bushel
Water Cotton Bloom Bushel
3 Water Cotton Bloom Bushel
Chandelier Bloom Bushel
3 Chandelier Bloom Bushel
None3 hrs
12 hrs8 hrs17 hrs 54 mins
5 Karnaval Tickets
5 Karnaval Tickets
Onion Dome Mushroom Bushel
3 Onion Dome Mushroom Bushel
Damson Fruit Bushel
3 Damson Fruit Bushel
Knit Corn Bushel
3 Knit Corn Bushel
None5 hrs
12 hrs17 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
Karnaval Ticket
Karnaval Ticket
Jewel Yam Bushel
2 Jewel Yam Bushel
Cherry Mushroom Bushel
3 Cherry Mushroom Bushel
Heart Mint Bushel
2 Heart Mint Bushel
None1 hr
9 hrs 30 mins8 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Karnaval Tickets can also be obtained 50 at a time by purchasing any Pavlozny Festival land tiles with farm cash or unlocking the usual 9 land expansions via tasks. There will also be the usual post & collect option. 

We win golden tickets and prizes from the Hammer Whammer. The Golden Tickets will double our consumables from the daily harvest when we use them. 

The mini-game Hammer Whammer expert will consist of making the strongman hit the high-striker.

The higher the puck travels up the slider, the closer to the bell,  the "stronger" you are.  Each star that the puck reaches, represents obtaining a set number of points via tasks, (10,20,35) with the day's bonus prize visible above the bell.

To move through the levels we will have to complete planting, harvesting (animals, trees or crops ), crafting and building chores as usual, with each day having 3 milestones with rewards, just like the Grape Escape.

In a new and interesting twist, the Hammer Whammer feature will have it's own version of LEADERBOARDS. Each of the 6 weeks will offer the top 4 finishers ( most likely this involves being in the top 4 among your neighbors) a reward package containing an animal and a varying number of consumables depending on if you are in place 1,2,3 or 4.

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  1. I'm not seeing a collect place for the karnaval tickets. just the ask, craft, and buy. As of now I'm really hating this feature. tasks don't carry over from day to day so anything that takes more then a day is a waste to try. I keep getting high star level crafts and high number tree and animal harvests. I don't like this.


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