FarmVille Kindergarten Day Countdown

Starts May 29 -Well it’s been three weeks since the start of the Umbrella Day Countdown started and guess what’s about to happen? A brand new cool and innovative feature? Something different than we’ve ever seen before? Nope it’s another countdown,good old reliable repeat feature,  and this time it is KINDERGARTEN DAY themed. If you think the prizes look familiar, you are right. We had a Kindergarten Day  Countdown in 2016, and most of these prizes are a different color of the same items (they are a separate mastery). Check out the prizes below and please do share…

The FarmVille Kindergarten Day Countdown is currently coded to go live on our farms on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 and end on Tuesday June 19, 2018.

Now for a look at the CONFIRMED prizes in order

Lettered Tree Geo 101 Tree Veggie Cub Play School Panda
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Color Scribble Turtle Creative Duckling Garden Flower Chicklet Researcher Cat
Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
County Kindergarten Fun Town Ball Pen Toy Station
Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Play Wagon Doodle Slate Bouncy Mansion Kids’ Pool
Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16
After completing all 16 days of the countdown we will receive as a final reward the
Fly Wing Pegasus
Day 17 – Reward

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info ….
Happy Farming

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