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Starts April 16th – Cap’n Zelda is BACK! With lots of pirate booty! This time she has treasures from the fabled lands of Persia. Farmville is getting ready to launch a new spin on the familiar Wandering Pirate map unlock feature! This time it will be called Arabian Nights! Similar to Trick Or Treat, Saving Seaboo and Puppy Come Home, we will be crafting and collecting Travellers Gold to unlock Nomads Chests (Wooden, Bronze, Silver and Gold) for animal rewards and a lone deco... If you complete all 4 chests you will earn a second deco, a NOMAD’S STALL as a bonus reward. Check out the details below and please do share….

FarmVille Wandering Pirate Arabian Nights will be available on our farms from 16th April 2018 to 14th May 2018

A look at the pop-up we will get when the feature goes live on our farms.

This feature will have ALL NEW REWARDS. There will be 16 BRAND NEW rewards, a tree, 3 decorations and 12 animals to win across the four areas of the map. If we complete all four and win all 16 rewards, we will also win a fourth decoration, THE NOMAD’S STALL as a 17th bonus prize.

A look at the loading screen

Just like the Pirate Ruby in the Wandering Pirate, you will be able to find Zelda’s’s icon for the feature at the outside edge of your farms. 
You will need to lure the animals with Traveller’s Gold (Which appears to also be referred to as “Nomad’s Gold” in some post click confirmation screens). You will be able to obtain Traveler’s Gold by posting to the feed, collecting from friends posts, crafting them or purchasing with farm cash. Several options for every taste. There will be a countdown timer within the feature to let you know how long you have left to complete it. You will be able to collect up to 12 Traveler’s Gold per day from friends posts, and post every 6 hours for 5, yielding up to 32 per day from the feed. Please note that players often report being stopped before 12, and if someone who has hit their limit clicks your post, not only will they not get one, you will not get one, and it may count the click so you ultimately get one less from that post.

When the Arabian Nights feature goes live on our farms, as usual Cap’n Zelda will give us a walkthrough, before showing us the interface.

Here is a sneak peak at the 4 NOMAD”S CHESTS contained in the feature where we will be helping Zelda corral the animals and finding fabulous rewards.

To locate the feature, once live, simply locate the Cap’n Zelda icon on the right side of your farm screen,

or look for the Nomad’s Stall to the left of the game board.

A look at the crafts that are associated with this feature. The Traveller’s Gold . Similar to several prior all farm and farm specific features, it looks as if there will be 3 different Traveller’s Gold  recipes, one for 1 Gold, 1 for 3 Gold and one for 5 Gold

Traveller's Gold
Traveller's Gold
Taro Bushel
2 Taro Bushel
Basil Bushel
1 Basil Bushel
Magic Lamp Flower Bushel
1 Magic Lamp Flower Bushel
5/10/20 1 hr
3 hrs 48 mins 9 hrs 30 mins 23 hrs
3 Traveller's Gold
3 Traveller's Gold
Cranberry Bushel
2 Cranberry Bushel
Arabian Date Corn Bushel
1 Arabian Date Corn Bushel
Forget Me Not Bushel
2 Forget Me Not Bushel
5/10/20 3 hrs
9 hrs 30 mins 23 hrs 18 hrs
5 Traveller's Gold
5 Traveller's Gold
Flower Melons Bushel
1 Flower Melons Bushel
Purple Spinach Bushel
2 Purple Spinach Bushel
Puya Alpestris Bushel
2 Puya Alpestris Bushel
5/10/20 6 hrs

As usual there are three new crops associated with the recipes. While planning, keep in mind that new crops with zero mastery will give significantly less bushels than fully mastered crops. Perhaps choose a larger farm for those crops, keep an eye on the bushel report and make sure to plant enough to get the bushels that you need. Here is a look at the new crops and their bushels.

Arabian Date Corn Magic Lamp Flower Purple Spinach

As with Wandering Pirate, The Arabian Nights Feature will have 4 different set of rewards.   Each set will have a common, a special, a rare and a super rare reward which you will be able to redeem for a certain amount of Traveller’s Gold.  Below you can find the set of rewards listed according to the amount of Traveller’s Gold you will be needing for a try at each set. This feature is random, you will get duplicates, but usually not more than 2 per animal before completing a set.

Amount of Traveller’s Gold
Super Rare

40 Traveller’s Gold
Wooden Chest

Golden Light Palm

Golden Bird’s Home

Court Scribe Leopard

Ottoman Lady

Traveller’s Gold
Bronze Chest

Persian Tea Table

Nomad Musician Gnomette


Sultan’s Elephant

Sultan’s Astronomer Horse

Traveller’s Gold
Silver Chest

Messenger Ape

Date’s Trader Goat

Sultan’s Archer Chicken

Persian Ambassador Horse

Traveller’s Gold
Gold Chest

Oil Merchant Duck

Persian Night Sheep

Ottoman Scholar Cow

Grand Sultan Pegasus

Now  the bonus prize for unlocking all of the chests – you will get to keep Cap’n Zelda’s Nomad’s Stall!

Finally a look at the offspring of the possible rewards (The Golden Light Palm has the usual identical giant level 2)

Sultan’s Astronomer Foal

 Ottoman Lady Fawn

Sultan’s Archer Chicken Egg


Grand Sultan Pegasus Foal

Persian Ambassador Foal

Ottoman Scholar  Calf

That's all we have for now.  Please remember to visit often, and share our posts with your friends!

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