Farmville Unreleased Items April 27,2018

We have found some unreleased images that will soon be released  into the game as possible Quest Rewards.  Check out the Dirt Farmers post for a sneak peek at the images we have found for you.
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April 27, 2018
Scuba Diver Cow D J Cow Photographist Cow Techie Cow
Wushu Cow Actor Cat Construction Worker Cat Hair Dresser Cat
Judge Cat Scientist Cat Electrician Dog F1 Driver Dog
Fighter Pilot Dog Paramedic Dog Train Driver Dog Cheerleader Horse
Mountain Guide Horse Safari Guide Horse Tutu Horse Godfather Pegasus
Lucha Lilbre Pegasus Modern Maharaja Pegasus Vintage President Pegasus Jujitzu Unicorn
Zen Master Unicorn Astronaut Goat Boater Goat Graduate Goat
Photo Journalist Goat Treasure Hunter Goat Military Nurse Horse Barber Pig
Sky Diver Pig Expert Architect Pig Fashion Model Pig Stewardess Pig
Abutilon Lantern Crop Angel Orchid Ballerina Orchid Bleeding Hearts
Blue Elf Cactus Burning Bush Flower Carnival Spiral Carrion Star
Chickory Flower Dew Drop Blooms Dinosaurus Fruit Donut Star
Flowering Cactus Frambosies Gac Fruit Glory Blower
Golden Currants Huggable Brinjal Illusionist Flower Imperioderosas
Javanese Almond Jeweled Carpet Jeweled Spirals Kimono Orchid
Midgen Berry Neon Blooms Princess Flower Puhala Pod
Rare Red Durian Red Prickly Pear Shoofly Pod Sunlight Gazania
Image Not Available
Super Nova Bloom Swan Orchid Webbed Mushroom Jokester Chicken
. Image Not Available Image Not Available .
. Luminicent Tree Magma Power Tree .
And finally lets have a look at the Offspring and Giant Trees
Scuba Diver Calf DJ Calf Photographist Calf Techie Calf
Wushu Calf Cheerleader Foal Mountain Guide Foal Safari Guide Foal
. .
Tutu Foal Godfather Pegasus Foal .Lucha Libre Pegasus Foal Modern Maharaja
Pegasus Foal.
Vintage PresidentPegasus Foal Jujitzu Unicorn Foal Zen Master Unicorn Foal Military Nurse Foal
Jokester Chicken Egg Giant Luminicent Tree Giant Magma Power Tree .

That's all we have for now, Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info....
Happy Farming

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  1. (OK, it's my soapbox speech time!) RE: Military Nurse?!? Really, if the designers are gonna bother 'outfitting'(or aka 'trashing' imho) the horses - sigh - they should prolly make them LOOK Somewhat like what they're supposed to be! ;)P For example, the "Military Nurse". LOL! It looks Military, yesssssss - but NURSE?? NOPE. They put all kinds of things on them, couldn't it at least have on a stethoscope, or a 'Red Cross' or something to indicate at least HINT at a Medical basis?? Sheeeeeesh. I think to the average person it just looks like a female in the Military. Mayhaps I'm wrong... (climbs down off the box shaking my head in disgust ;) )


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