FarmVille Pelican Reef Land Expansion Sales

FarmVille is trying really hard to sell land expansions on  The Pelican Reef farm . Your Dirt Farmer team has discovered that they will be offering a land expansion package deal, beginning May 7, 2018. Check out the details below and please do share.

For more information on FarmVille the Pelican Reef farm, check the Dirt Farmer's Pelican Reef Complete Guide.

The Land Bundle Discount is currently coded to begin on May 7th, 2018 and end on May 16th, 2018.

A look at the loading screen

Note that if you buy the land bundle, you will receive the Beach Cafe as a bonus with purchase. This will allow you to collect two additional fame every 12 hours for Fab's Gourmet Delights.

You can access the sale via an icon on the side of your screen or by clicking on the pictured set of tiles.

The bundle will include 4 specific land tiles pictured below (Fort Manuel, Settler’s Plain, Paradise Cove, Patch of Heaven). There will be two different discounts. Those who purchased Early Access will be able to purchase the bundle for 300 Farm Cash. Those who waited for General Access will be offered the package at a price of 420 Farm Cash. Purchasing the tiles individually would cost 476    farm cash. All of these tiles would be payer only, they are not including any tiles that would eventually unlock for free.

The popup notes a 35% off discount. The 300 price for EA players is closer to 37%, the 420 price for GA players is close to 12%. We do not know if the popup or prices will change. If they do, we shall update this post. * Currently all players are currently being charged the Early Access price. Both packages are still coded and we suspect this may not last for the duration of the sale - if you started Pelican Reef with general access, check for the banner over the game and be wary of changes if it is missing, before purchasing.

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