Farmville Pelican Reef Farm Treasure Contents

Farmville's All new Pelican Reef Farm Expansion has its own unique treasures for us to open on our all new farm. If your wondering what might be inside, look no further!  Your Dirt Farmers team has put together all the info you need to see what might be inside. Please share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.


For all the information you need for the All New Pelican Reef Farm, please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to Pelican Reef.

Trippy Caribbean Cat Tropic Shade Chimp Dominican Mosaic Cow Bonair Donkey
Caribbean  Dragon Caribbean Lemon Elephant Dominico Flower Elephant Jungle Leaf Elephant
Bahama Stripe Frog Aruba Gator Beach holiday Goat Calypso Goat
Haiti Mosaic Hippo Barbados Beads Deer Tropic Flame Deer Bahamas Bay Otter
Caribbean Color Pegasus Tropic Spot Pig Aruban Print Rhino Molas Shell Turtle
Caribbean Holiday Unicorn Bahamas Bus Boat Beach Wedding Altar Bottle Palm Tree
Caribbean Flowery Arch Caribbean House Classic Surfin Car Cool Coconut Tree
Coral Cave Crystal Coral Tree Curaaclock Tower Dominican Candle Holder
Dutch Windmill Fruit Vendor Boat Halta Sea Jellyfish Paraglide
Lifeguard Post Mossy Beach Tree Old Welcome Boat Pineapple House
Ponytail Palm Tree Raggae Car Studio Red Banana Tree Sandy Shell Tree
Shell House Shell Statue Shipwreck tree Sunset Beach Chairs
Surfboard Shop Tobago Tour Bus Caribbean Camel .

And now lets have a look at the offspring and Giant Trees

Dominican Mosaic Calf Bonair Donkey Foal Barbados Beads Fawn Tropic Flame Fawn
Caribbean Color
Pegasus Foal
Caribbean Holiday Unicorn Foal Giant Bottle
Palm Tree
Giant Cool
Coconut Tree
Giant Crystal Coral
Cave Tree
Giant Mossy Beach Tree Giant Ponytail Palm  Tree Giant Red Banana Tree
. .
. Giant Sandy
Shell Tree
Giant Shipwreck Tree .


That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and info.
Happy Farming

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