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Curious about Farmville? Thinking about giving it a try ? The Dirt Farmer team has a complete A - Z on the game for you. Please share with your neighbours.

A - Animal Pens
There are 10 main animal pens. All of which get a new variety to go with the new farms theme.
aquarium avairy Baby Playpen Chicken Coop
Baby Pen /
Play Pen
livestock paddock pasture
Pet Run
  wildlife zoo  

There are also some other pens including a horse stable and a nursery.

B – Buildables
There are several types of buildable:
Main Buildable – Refers to the building we get with each new farm that has 9 levels and requires 3 parts to build. The guides to these can be found on each farms complete guide.
Seed Spitter – Harvests for seed packages.
Deco Spitter - Harvests for decorations.
For more information on spitters click here.
Harvestable for Consumables (See Below)

C – Consumables

There are many consumables in the game including fuel, special delivery boxes, super fertiliser and turbos. For our guide to these click here.

D – Decorations

Decorations can be found by clicking on the hay bale picture in your market. They include hay bales, fences, moats, buildings and various other items.
For some how to guides for various farm decorations click here.
To post one of your farm decorations please join our showcase group here.

E – Enhance
An enhance is actually a good thing. It means either new content has been added to the game or something has been fixed.

F – Features
These include countdowns, farm stands and votes. For our guide to the various Farmville features  click here.

G – Gift Box
The gift box has 2 main limits. It can hold a maximum of 1000 unique items. This is shown at the top.
gb bar
You can also have no more than 9999 of any one item. We at the Dirt Farmer also recommend keeping the consumable section at no more than 8 pages. If you go over these limits you risk losing items from in it.
H - Home Farm
Where it all began back on 19th June 2009.
new farm

I - In Game Currency
There are 2 main currency’s in Farmville.
coins farmcash
Farm Cash
There are  some other currency’s too.
coconut jade coins bob berry fs coins
Jade Coins
Bob’s Berries
Farmer’s Square

J – Jail
When Farmville and Facebook don’t get on. Sometimes posting lots of Farmville links while helping your friends can trigger Facebooks spam filters. This usually means you have to enter security code checks but can lead to Facebook posting bans. To try and avoid this happening try and mix up the items you are posting so not just all trees for example and also slow down when posting.

K – Kaboom
Yep sometimes stuff breaks. A widespread issue we have to wait for fix but normally lots of game issues can be solved by yourself by following the steps in our  emergency repair kit.

L – Land Expansions
Farms from Home to Toy Town were a square and flat format and we opened land by either spending coins or for the larger sizes farm cash. You can not skip a size when expanding they have to be done in order.
home expansions
Farms from Avalon to present use a multi level tile format. You can either earn the tile by completing tasks or some just have a set farm cash price. You can though pick which tiles you want to pay for.
ember map

For our complete guide to Land Expansions 
click here.

M – Music
Love them or hate them each farm has it’s own background theme music. To hear them click here.
(Coming Soon)
We also have the amazing Barry West’s Farmville Parody’s. To hear them click here.

N - New Farms
These come roughly every 8 weeks but they didn’t used to. We can pay for a week of early access or just wait for general access for free. For full list of farms by release date click here.

O – Orchards and Groves
These are the 2 places where we put all the trees in the game. If set up correctly you can achieve 900% mastery on a single orchard.
orchard grove set up
For more information on how to do this click here.

P – Plowing and Planting Crops
The basics of the game and how we all began.  From levelling up to finishing quests to mastery and beating the farm this is a very important part of the game.

Q – Quests
We have 3 types of quests:
New Farm – These are released every Monday for the latest farm, have 6 stages and last 1 week.
General Farm –  These are released every Thursday and can be done on any farm. They have 9 stages and last 2 weeks.
Month Long –  These usually are released towards the end of the farm so just as we get a new one. They have to be done on the farm they are for and last a month.

Click here for a guide to quests.

R – Royal Loyalty Club vs VIP
These are not the same.

For our guide to Royal Loyalty Club click here

For our guide to VIP click here

S – Statues, Trophies and Unwither Rings
The following statues can be placed on any farm:
doube baby statue double bushel statue double coconut statue
Double Baby Statue
Double Bushel Statue
Double Coconut Statue
double coin statue
double jade statue
double mastery statue
Double Coin Statue
Double Jade Statue
Double Mastery Statue
double seedling statue
double xp statue
double zp statue
Double Seedling Statue
Double XP Statue
Double ZP Statue
 For our guide to them click here.

The following statues, trophies and unwither rings are released with each new farm and must be placed on that farm.
e double
Double Points
The beat trophy is a reward for beating the farm. This involves completing various tasks on that specific farm. You also get the shipping licence when you beat the farm but you can choose to pay for it instead. The shipping license lets you move non locked items between the farms you have licenses for.

T - Terrains   
sm land cave water Zen
All Farms
Hawaii, Jade
Treasure Tides and
Phantom Valley
Story of
Turtle Rock Dream Icy
Legend of
Isle of

Once Upon
A Winter

U – Useless Bushels
These are bushels not used for crafting. As we have market stall capacity’s it is helpful to know what these are so you can get rid of them and they don’t take up much needed stall space.

V – Vehicles
There are 7  types of vehicle. All of which get a new variety to go with the new farms theme. 
Orchard Harvester
Orchard Harvester
treasure pr
Plot Remover
( Treasure Tides Onwards)

We also have all farm water vehicles available for coins.
water harvester
Water Seeder
Water Tractor
Water Plot Remover
Plot Remover

W - Whoa Farmer
This happens if you are doing things to fast which causes the game to go out of sync or try and place items on the wrong farm if locked.

X – XP and Level Up
All our actions in the game from planting, harvesting, completing quests and buying items give us xp. This helps us level up and advance in the game.
xp level

Y – Yarn Barn
yarn barn
The yarn barn along with the  dairy barn, apothecary and sweet shop are the original self contained crafting buildings. Now we receive a new version with every single new farm we get.

Z – Zynga
The makers of the game.

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