The Dirt Farmer’s Guide for New Farmers

Newbie Guide

Have you just started playing Farmville? Feeling a bit confused? While many of us have been playing this game for years we were all beginners at one time. So here is a guide for new farmers to help you find your way around and explain some of the basics of the game.  Please Share.

Farmville is a game on Facebook. It involves planting crops, harvesting trees and animals, making crafts and completing various quests and features to earn coins and xp to level up. When you load your farm for the first time this is what it looks like.

new farm

There are 2 important first steps.

Add Neighbours

Neighbours are needed to help you advance in the game either through unlocking the land on your new home farm or helping with your posts. They can even visit your farm and do some tasks for you or leave you a message.

This is your neighbour bar.

neighbour bar

It can hold a maximum of 300 game neighbours. To get more click on add neighbour and it will bring up 3 options. These are plays Farmville, Facebook friends and community friends. You can add people from any of these lists but we recommend joining our add me group Farmville Legion by clicking here

Level Up

There isn’t much you can do game wise until you reach level 20.

xp level

To get to this level you need to plant and harvest alot of crops.

To plant crops either click on
your plowed plot or the market

plot    market

You will then see what crops you are able to plant. There are many pages.

crop market

Note they have different coin yields and take various times to grow so try and plan the best crop for when you will be around to harvest and replant.

You can make more plots by using the plow tool shown below. The more plots you have the more you can plant and the more coins and xp you will get.

plow tool

As you gain xp your game level will increase. For every level you gain up to 250 will also get you 1 farm cash that you can spend in the market.

The market can be reached by the icon shown further up. It is the place to spend your coins and farm cash on many different items. You can find them under various tabs at the top of the market.

market tabs

From left to right these are Limited Edition (the star), Crops (the strawberry), Trees, Animals (cow), Buildings (the barn), Decorations (the hay bale), Vehicles (the tractor) and Land Expansions. Also on the far right you have the Bobs Berry Farm icon (uses special berry currency). Have a look and see what appeals to you before you spend all your coins or farm cash.

Once you reach level 20 you will open up new farms. There are alot of farms and it can be abit overwhelming at this point but remember you don’t have to play them all. Pick the ones that appeal to you.

For a full list of farms click here.

And for a very handy guide on what to do with each new farm 

At this point you need to consider your personal playing style. Do you want to focus on planting, crafting, trees. animals or even decorating? There are also some regular features that generally just require posting an ask link that will get you some cool items for anyway you choose to play.

We have guides for all of these as they are released on our site and they include


For information on these click here.

There are also other features you can do.
(Coming Soon)

Any questions you have please join our Ask the Dirt Farmer group here.
We also have a whole bunch of other groups you might wish to join from help with votes and quests to decorating and sharing your Farmville pictures. 

For full list of farms by release date click here.

In our share groups you will also need the Dirt Farmer click trap remover extension to enable you to copy and paste your links into the group you wish to. To get click trap click here.

The Dirt Farmer also has an A-Z guide to Farmville click here.

Happy Farming

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