FarmVille Royalty Loyalty Club Player Survey

FarmVille's Royalty Loyalty Club, the invitation-only club that connects to long term and super active players has sent out a survey on several aspects of game play. If you are a member, we have a preview for you so that you can think about your answers prior to responding (There is no deadline given on the survey, so we're not sure how long it will be available). If  you are not a member and are interested in commenting on these aspects of game play, let us know in the comments and if there is a large response, we can roll up feedback to the FarmVille Studio. Thanks to Ms Wizard for the heads up on the survey. Without further ado, have a look at the questions and please do share....

A look at the email header .... The survey questions cover everything from interest in early access to browser issues to the speed of new farms - which has now accelerated to just six weeks in between.

and now for the 5 questions - there are 4 multiple choice and only one that offers the chance to write your own input. You can view your percentage to completion at the bottom of the survey, and move to the next question with the red forward arrow.

Note that the farm layout options do not offer a choice of the old flat design nor an option to enter feedback.

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  1. 1 Always 2 Less Re-released items/more new items 3 Yes, Not a Problem 4 Perfect timing between farms 5 2 large land plots with 1 large water plot (similar to Shadow Creek)

  2. I'm not a member of the club, but I've been playing FV since the beginning.

  3. 1. Always 2. cash exchange coins to dollars, even if just an occasional option, like the discounted cash at the start of new farms
    3. Yes not a problem 4. Need more time between farms. An extra two weeks would be nice.


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