FarmVille Emberhill Adventure Temple Of The Gods Complete Guide


FarmVille's all new Emberhill Adventure farm has it’s own main feature. Apparently the FarmVille Studio is getting a little tired of innovating because this is suspiciously close to the Samba In Rio Farm’s Float Frenzy feature, right down to the return of the widely despised four hour wait after trashing a task. This is a timed feature - you must complete it before April 8th, giving Early Access players 35 Days and General Access players only 28 Days. It involves most of the normal aspects of the beat event and has many steps. You must help Theoden restore the temples and win the favor of the gods, before Ara, Nolanor and Saria do to win the race .... Depending on the time it takes and how you place, you can choose between 1-4 temples, with more choices the higher you place. Check out the details below and please do share....

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A look at the loading screen.
What is the Temple of The Gods?

You can access the feature via the temple of the gods building on the upper section of the farm or the on-screen icon, beside the neighbor bar.


You must reach 1,000 points prior to the end of the timer on the feature in order to win a temple…

A look at the Four Temples
  You can view the temples at any time by clicking the button on this icon within the feature.
If you wish the CERRUNNOS TEMPLE to be among your choices, you must finish FIRST and beat ARA
If you wish the CERRIDWEN TEMPLE to be among your choices, you must finish at least SECOND and beat NOLANOR
If you wish the DANU TEMPLE to be among your choices, you must finish at least THIRD and beat SARIA
If you finish the feature prior to the end of the countdown timer. but are not able to beat any of the characters, the BRIGIT TEMPLE will be your only choice
In addition to the reward of the temple and the consumables it harvests for, you will also receive animal rewards depending on where you place.

If you do not wish to complete a task , you may trash it. Trashing a task results in a 4 hour waiting period for a new task. You will not get any points for tasks you trash. Due to the random nature of the tasks, it is entirely possible to receive the same task back that you just trashed, so you may wish to take this into account when thinking about this option.

There are three milestones along the way, at which you will receive rewards.

The first milestone offers a farm essentials package, This contains consumables - 3 turbo chargers, 3 Superfertilizer and 3 Fuel Refills.

If you purchased early access you will also receive the Forest Horned Dog

The second milestone offers a building parts package, you will receive 8 of each treasure part and 3 of each big buildable part.

If you purchased early access, you will also receive the Greenhorn Forest Ram
(This fellow is NOT a Sheep pen ram and therefore will NOT pass his pattern)

The third milestone offers the  Wanderer Rhino
If you purchased early access you will also receive the Fruit Dragon
of course the consumables possible to harvest from the temples
You can earn extra points by unlocking or purchasing tiles

Finally at 1, 000 points, the reward would be the temple and animal package which, depending on your place in the race may include the Forest God Pegacorn, Sun God Horse, Cernunnos Deer and the War God Lion.

It is possible for tasks to repeat, you can get the same harvest etc over and over again.
Now that we know what the goals and rewards are - lets have a look at how to get there.
The tasks will each show the points they award in the upper left corner
You can make sure to choose the correct crop, instead of one with a similar name by clicking plant from within the feature.
If you do not want to or cannot do a task, you have the option to TRASH it.
Remember though – you will then have to wait 4 hours for a new task – and it is always possible to get the same one back, as they are random.
of course no points are awarded for a trashed task
The Temple that you get will be harvestable for consumables as soon as you get it and will remain harvestable until April 23rd so the faster you finish, the greater the reward.

Opening gifts in the Blacksmith's Tavern offers between 1-10 points per gift, . If you receive a task for a gift you have already opened, you will be able to redeem it immediately.
Level Points Level Points Level Points
1 1 11        6 21        8
2 1 12        6 22        9
3 2 13        6 23        9
4  3 14        6 24        9
5 3 15        7 25       9
6 4 16        7 26        10
7  4 17        8 27        9
8 5 18        8 28        9
9 5 19        8 29        10
10  5 20        8 30        10

Completing animals in the Alchemist's Lab  awards points depending on the difficulty of the animal.
Level Points Level Points Level Points
1        1 6        11 11        15
2       3 7        11 12        15
3        3 8        12 13        16
4        3 9        12 14        17
5        4 10        13 15        18

The Emberhill Lab yields  points each time you level it up. You will also earn ONE POINT each time you harvest it.
Level Points
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 7
7 10
8 13
9 15

We will have many crop harvesting tasks. You will be able to earn differing point values depending on difficulty. These will be complicated by the fact that upon arrival to the farm, you only have 40 water plots available and around 120-130 land plots (once you clear the first 9 treasures). If you are someone who likes to purchase additional land upon arriving on a new farm, this will be a help for these tasks. You may also choose to use the many Instagrows it's possible to earn in the game (click here for more info on how to earn Instagrows). We will not see our first free expansion until the 3rd week on the farm for early access and 2nd week on the farm for general access. This means it will only be available for 3 weeks of this feature. This expansion is a land expansion, which means unless you purchase an additional tile, you will have to work with the original 40 ish  waterplots. All of this means that when it comes to these crop harvesting tasks, you will have to plan out your strategy. You can also trash the task if you like, but keep in mind that you will have to wait 4 hours for the next one. For more information on Emberhill Adventure crops, click here. Below, we have the various crop harvesting tasks and the points you can earn from them:
Land Crops
Amount to Harvest
Points Earned
Yellow Bell Pepper
Hedgehog Cactus
Ember Raspberry
Stained Garlic
Fallen Chestnut
Wild Cantaloupe
Monster Chilli
White Marble Pear
Dorotheae Aloe
Ornate Pineapple
Mixed Grape
Summer Fennel
Pink Papaya
Red Mushroom
Sunny Apple
Cheery Cherry
Yellow Dragonfruit
Soursop Berry
Leafy Coconut
Banana Shallot 240 9

Water Crops

Amount to Harvest
Points Earned
Red Rice Paddy
Aquarelle Floret
Watercolor Lily
Black Rice Paddy
Water Pepper
Taro Plant         80         7

We Will also have several tasks that involve USING BUSHELS – simply using them  from within your stall or cottage. These two will have varying points awarded depending on the amount required and how hard they are to obtain (longer growing crops will offer more  points and water crops as you have less plots etc)
Land Bushels
Crop Amount to USE Points Earned
Yellow Bell Pepper Bushel 4 2
Hedgehog Cactus Bushel 4 2
Ember Raspberry Bushel 4 2
Stained Garlic Bushel 4 2
Fallen Chestnut Bushel 2 3
Wild Cantaloupe Bushel 2 3
Monster Chilli Bushel 2 3
White Marble Pear Bushel 2 3
Ornate Pineapple Bushel 3 5
Dorotheae Aloe Bushel 3 5
Aubergine Bushel 3 5
Mixed Grape Bushel 4 7
Summer Fennel Bushel 4 7
Hazelnut Bushel 5 8
Pink Papaya Bushel 5 8
Red Mushroom Bushel 5 8
Sunny Apple Bushel 5 8
Cheery Cherry Bushel 5 8
Yellow Dragonfruit Bushel 4 7
Soursop Berry Bushel 6 9
Leafy Coconut Bushel 6 9
Banana Shallot Bushel 6 11

Water Bushels

Crop Amount to USE Points Earned
Red Rice Paddy Bushel 2 1
Watercolor Lily Bushel 2 4
Aquarelle Floret Bushel 2 4
Black Rice Paddy Bushel 2 5
Water Pepper Bushel 3 6
Taro Plant Bushel 4 8

We will also have many craft related tasks in the Druid’s Galleria. For most players, these seem to come up the most. Unfortunately, due to the random way the tasks appear, players reported having 3 star, 4 star, and even 5 star crafts as their tasks upon arriving on the farm. Crafts take anywhere from 1-8 hours, so you should also factor that into your planning. There are several ways you can approach this. You can do the trick to level up your crafting cottage to 5 Star as fast as possible (see here) (disclaimer some players may have a bug preventing them from buying it back for coins, if this happens you will need to contact support). You can trash the higher star  and higher time crafting tasks, but keep in mind, you may just get another crafting task in its place. Due to the feature's randomness, it's possible to have most of your board be crafting tasks, so it may be possible to just ignore higher level crafting tasks until your building is leveled and concentrate on the lower ones. All of these decisions will have to be made according to which strategy fits your style the most. For more information on the Druid’s Galleria crafts, including which bushels you'll need, click here. Below, we've listed the various crafting tasks and what you can expect to earn from them:
Star Level
Cook Time
Amount to Craft
Points Earned
Scarab Necklace
2 Hours
Elven Boots
      4 Hours
Lunar Leaf Necklace
      8 Hours
Ragged Scroll
4 Hours
Moon Staff
2 Hours
Elven Bow
      2 Hours
Dragontooth Flute
2 Hours
Rangers Gloves
2 Hours
Dragon Flute
3 Hours
Druids Staff
3 Hours
Dreamcatcher Book
4 Hours
Greenwood Ring
6 Hours
Angelic Charm
6 Hours
Satyrs Panflute
6 Hours
Dwarven Compass
6 Hours
Dragon Staff
6 Hours
Ruby Ring
4 Hours

Next up, we have the task of harvesting animals. You will get the task to harvest 5 Emberhill Adventure animals (1 point), 10 animals (3 points), or 25 animals (6 points). Most animals will work, but there are exceptions, such as quest rewards. The ones that will work will be listed below for your convenience, and you can find images of them here. When doing this task, there are a couple of tricks to make it easier. There are also various foals and calves you can collect from your friends if you want to amass a larger number of animals for the 50 animal task, and a few of these are not locked and can be put into playpens on other farms for faster "grow" times. . Keep in mind also you get prizes for each completed animal pen (or you can collect them from your friends off the feed). Any animal you receive from the Alchemist’s Lab self contained crafting will not be locked and can be used on another farm for this task. In addition, if you have any of the older Capital One instagrows that make animals ready, they can be of potential use here. There have been reports of harvests not counting when using the Animal Harvester vehicle, so we recommend that you do not use this during this task.
Due to the random nature of tasks, it is possible to get 2 different animal harvest tasks at the same time:
The good news is, harvests will count for both tasks, so if you find yourself in this situation, it will be a benefit to you. Now, if you check below, all the animals you can use for this task will be listed:
Baby Cofficat
Blacksmith Boar
Blue Blaze Unicorn
Blue Blaze Unicorn Foal
Blue Moon Lion
Blue Princess Swan
Blue Scarab Foal
Blue Scarab Horse
Brown Stone Rhino
Brown Woodland Foal
Brown Woodland Horse
Buttercup Dragon
Cactus Ram Calf
Cactus Ram Cow
Cernunnos Deer
Cubism Calf
Cubism Cow
Dark Spectrum Dog
Deadwing Dragon
Dragon Fruit Dragon
Dryad Deer
Dryad Fawn
Dwarven Opal Elephant
Dwarven Pink Cat
Dyrad Dog
Eagle Feather Pegacorn
Eagle Feather Pegacorn Foal
Elvensteed Deer
Elvensteed Fawn
Enchanted Blossom Chimp
Enchanted Green Goat
Enchanted Jungle Pig
Enchanted Spirit Deer
Enchanted Spirit Fawn
Fairy Owl Cat
Fairy Wing Pegasus
Fairy Wing Pegasus Foal
Fairyhorn Deer
Fairyhorn Fawn
Fern Style Chicken
Fire Bug Foal
Fire Bug Horse
Flaming Green Hummingbird
Flower Tapir
Forest Bunny
Forest Ferret
Forest Folly Lemur
Forest God Pegacorn
Forest Horned Dog
Forest Leaves Pig
Forest Mage Foal
Forest Mage Horse
Forest Rainbow Rooster
Forest Ranger Bear
Forest Spectrum Fox
Forest Spirit Foal
Forest Spirit Hare
Forest Spirit Horse
Forest Spirit Reindeer Fawn
Forest Swirl Bison
Forest Wizard's Foal
Forest Wizard's Horse
Forestborn Pegasus
Forestborn Pegasus Foal
Forestry Humpback Whale
Gaia Deer
Gaia Fawn
Gaia Fox
Gilded Leaf Giraffe
Great Forest Ram
Green Spirit Foal
Green Spirit Horse
Greenhorn Forest Ram
Greenscale Unicorn
Greenscale Unicorn Foal
Greenwood Seapony
Greenwood Spirit Fox
Ground Hound
Hooded Owl
Hooded Robin
Hunter Cat
Ironfoot Goat
Jungle Champ Chimp
Jungle King Foal
Jungle King Horse
Jungle Myth Anteater
Jungle Pride Leopard
Jungle Sigil Bull
Jungle Sigil Bull Calf
Jungle Tree Frog
Jungle Vine Dragon
Jungle Vine Swan
Jungleborn Pegacorn
Jungleborn Pegacorn Foal
Lavender Bloom Elephant
Leafy Billy Goat
Leafy Lioness
Madic Ledger Goat
Magic Helper Fox
Magic Horned Collie
Magic Jungle Otter
Maid Mareian
Maid Mareian Foal
Melon Elephant
Misty Wing Pegasus
Misty Wing Pegasus Foal
Mystic Gold Fish
Mystic Night Mouse
Night Eye Wolf
Night Forest Raccoon
Night King Pegasus
Night King Pegasus Foal
Night Stone Deer
Night Stone Fawn
Night Sun Deer
Night Sun Fawn
Night Watcher Wolf
Oblivion Fox
Ocean Spirit Whale
Opal Blue Hippocampus
Paradise Pegacorn
Paradise Pegacorn Foal
Parrot Fin Pegasus
Parrot Fin Pegasus Foal
Pastoral Meerkat
Peaceful Husky
Phoenix Feather Deer
Phoenix Feather Fawn
Primrose Pony
Primrose Pony Foal
Purple Blue Deer
Purple Blue Fawn
Purple Flame Tiger
Purple Guard Pony
Purple Guard Pony Foal
Purplegold Goat
Queen's Lion
Radiant Pearl Tiger
Rainbow Rock Deer
Rainbow Rock Fawn
Rainbow Tail Deer
Rainbow Tail Fawn
Red Horned Ram
Red Horned Ram
Red Leaf Wolf
Risenwing Pegasus
Risenwing Pegasus Foal
Rocksteady Markhor
Rosy Cheek Foal
Rosy Cheek Horse
Ruby Razorback Pig
Rune Magic Dolphin
Rune Magic Hyena
Saber Blue Lion
Scale Armor Dragon
Scarlet Trim Swan
Spectral Nebula Pegasus
Spectral Nebula Pegasus Foal
Sun God Horse
Teal Flower Sheep
Third Eye Owl
Treasure Dragon
Vibrant Forest Duck
Viridescent Kangaroo
Wanderer Rhino
War God Lion
Warrior Hyena
Warrior Sloth
White Moon Giraffe
Wild Motif Deer
Wild Motif Fawn
Wild Persian Cat
Wild Pumpkin Panda
Wild Settler Cat
Wise Olde Lion
Wispy Cloud Sheep
Woodland Unicorn
Woodland Unicorn Foal

We will also see the task of harvesting Emberhill Adventure trees. These tasks of harvesting 5 trees (1 point), 10 trees (3 points), or 25 trees (6 points), function about the same as the animal ones. Trees have a slight advantage over the animals however, due to Orchard stuffing. It is possible to take the unlocked trees to a farm where you have a lot of ready orchards and manually "stuff" them and get each tree harvesting task done within a couple of minutes. For a video of how to do this, click here.  Much like the animal tasks, it is possible to get two at once, and use the harvests to count for both tasks. Much like the animal tasks, we recommend not using the Orchard Harvester for this task.  For images of these trees, click here. Below we have listed all the possible trees to use for this task. Keep in mind that quest rewards will not work. All of these trees have a level two "Giant" counterpart which will also work:

Apple Sun Tree
Cephalopod Tree
Colossus Blossom Tree
Colossus Leaf Tree
Cotton Cloud Tree
Enchanted Petals Tree
Flaming Fungi Tree
Flat Loop Tree
Floresta Tree
Forest Hearts Tree
Giant Apple Sun Tree
Giant Cephalopod Tree
Giant Colossus Blossom Tree
Giant Colossus Leaf Tree
Giant Cotton Cloud Tree
Giant Enchanted Petals Tree
Giant Flaming Fungi Tree
Giant Flat Loop Tree
Giant Floresta Tree
Giant Forest Hearts Tree
Giant Golden Lights Tree
Giant Grand Lotus Tree
Giant Imperial Crystal Tree
Giant Multi Pedestal Tree
Giant Mushroom Trunk Tree
Giant Red Bloom Tree
Giant Rock Tock Tree
Giant Shell Petal Tree
Giant Spiral Vortex Tree
Giant Sweet Dreams Tree
Giant Water Moon Tree
Giant Woodland Sprite Tree
Giant World Waterfall Tree
Golden Lights Tree
Grand Lotus Tree
Imperial Crystal Tree
Multi Pedestal Tree
Mushroom Trunk Tree
Red Bloom Tree
Rock Tock Tree
Shell Petal Tree
Spiral Vortex Tree
Sweet Dreams Tree
Water Moon Tree
Woodland Sprite Tree
World Waterfall Tree

Another task we can expect is to ask our friends to click on tasks for us, much like in quests. These posts allow 10 friends to click on them, and provided you're also on the task, when you click on the posts, you can get one for yourself. These tasks will require you to get either 10, 20 or 30 of an item, for 1, 2, or 3 points respectively. For the 20 and 30 amounts, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can post to ask again. From what we can tell, this time also affects the tasks that require 10. Once you have your 10, you must wait until the ask time (6 hours) is over before you can redeem the task. If you are required to get 20 or 30 and would like to get more than the 10 that the feed posting allows you to get, you can search the news feed for your friends posts by using the search box at the top of your Facebook home page, or if you belong to any groups, you can search for the items within the group via the search box on the top left. Below, we have the Triskele Medallion you will be asking friends to help you get:

Finally, we have the task of spending coins. This task is an instantaneous task, that allows you to spend a certain amount of coins to win points and progress. The coins you spend do not actually purchase any items, and purchasing coin items from the market will not work for this task. For this task we will be asked to spend 1 million coins to earn 1 point, 2 million coins to earn 2 points, and 3 million coins to earn 3 points.

Some players have reported glitches while doing this feature. If at any time your task does not appear to redeem when you click the button, a refresh or two usually fixes the issue. Some players have reported harvests of animals or trees not counting. Other than usage of the Harvesters, we have not been able to verify this glitch. If this happens to you, contact customer support.

Well farmers, what do you think of this intricate new feature? Let us know in the comments below, and Happy Farming!

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