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Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new expansion called Emberhill Adventure Farm.  And as with every new farm expansion, The Emberhill Adventure Farm  will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this fantasy farm.  
Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your FarmVille friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville The Emberhill Adventure Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s The Emberhill Adventure Complete Guide.

 General Animals

Jungle Myth Anteater Baby Cofficat Forest Ranger Bear Blue Moon Lion
Jungle Pride Leopard Leafy Lioness Purple Flame Tiger Queen's Lion
Radiant Pearl Tiger Saber Blue Lion Wise Olde Lion Flaming Green Hummingbird
Hooded Owl Hooded Robin Third Eye Owl Forest Swirl Bison
Dwarven Pink Cat Fairy Owl Cat Hunter Cat Wild Persian Cat
Wild Settler Cat Enchanted Blossom Chimp Jungle Champ Chimp Dark Spectrum Dog
Dyrad Dog Ground Hound Magic Horned Collie Peaceful Husky
Rune Magic Dolphin Buttercup Dragon Deadwing Dragon Treasure Dragon
Scale Armor Dragon Jungle Vine Dragon Vibrant Forest Duck Dwarven Opal Elephant
Lavender Bloom Elephant Melon Elephant Forest Ferret Forest Spectrum Fox
Gaia Fox Greenwood Spirit Fox Magic Helper Fox Oblivion Fox
Jungle Tree Frog Blacksmith Boar Greenwood Seapony Mystic Gold Fish
Opal Blue Hippocampus Pastoral Meerkat Rune Magic Hyena Seacock
Warrior Hyena Gilded Leaf Giraffe White Moon Giraffe Enchanted Green Goat
Ironfoot Goat Leafy Billy Goat Purplegold Goat Red Horned Ram
Rocksteady Markhor Wild Pumpkin Panda Viridescent Kangaroo Forest Folly Lemur
Mystic Night Mouse Magic Jungle Otter Enchanted Jungle Pig Forest Leaves Pig
Ruby Razorback Pig Forest Bunny Forest Spirit Hare Night Forest Raccoon
Brown Stone Rhino Great Forest Ram Madic Ledger Goat Teal Flower Sheep
Wispy Cloud Sheep Warrior Sloth Blue Princess Swan Jungle Vine Swan
Scarlet Trim Swan Flower Tapir Forestry Humpback Whale Ocean Spirit Whale
Night Eye Wolf Night Watcher Wolf Red Leaf Wolf 


Chicken and Eggs

Fern Style Chicken Fern Style Chicken Egg Forest Rainbow Rooster 

Cows, Calves, and Bulls

Jungle Sigil Bull Jungle Sigil Bull Calf Cactus Ram Cow Cactus Ram Calf
Cubism Cow Cubism Calf   

Deer and Fawn

Dryad Deer Dryad Fawn Elvensteed Deer Elvensteed Fawn
Enchanted Spirit Deer Enchanted Spirit Fawn Fairyhorn Deer Fairyhorn Fawn
Forest Spirit Reindeer Forest Spirit Reindeer Gaia Deer Gaia Fawn
Night Stone Deer Night Stone Fawn Night Sun Deer Night Sun Fawn
Phoenix Feather Deer Phoenix Feather Fawn Purple Blue Deer Purple Blue Fawn
Rainbow Rock Deer Rainbow Rock Fawn Rainbow Tail Deer Rainbow Tail Fawn
Wild Motif Deer Wild Motif Fawn   

Horses and Foals

Blue Scarab Horse Blue Scarab Foal Brown Woodland Horse Brown Woodland Foal
Fire Bug Horse Fire Bug Foal Forest Mage Horse Forest Mage Foal
Forest Spirit Horse Forest Spirit Foal Forest Wizard's Horse Forest Wizard's Foal
Green Spirit Horse Green Spirit Foal Jungle King Horse Jungle King Foal
Maid Mareian Horse Maid Mareian Foal Rosy Cheek Horse Rosy Cheek Foal

Pegacorn and Foals

Eagle Feather Pegacorn Eagle Feather Pegacorn Foal Jungleborn Pegacorn Jungleborn Pegacorn Foal
Paradise Pegacorn Paradise Pegacorn Foal   

Pegasi and Foals

Fairy Wing Pegasus Fairy Wing Pegasus Foal Forestborn Pegacorn Forestborn Pegacorn Foal
Misty Wing Pegasus Misty Wing Pegasus Foal Night King Pegasus Night King Pegasus Foal
Parrot Fin Pegasus Parrot Fin Pegasus Foal Risenwing Pegasus Risenwing Pegasus Foal
Spectral Nebula Pegasus Spectral Nebula Pegasus Foal    

Ponies and Stallions and Foals

Primrose Pony Primrose Pony Foal Purple Guard Pony Purple Guard Pony Foal

Unicorns and Foals

Blue Blaze Unicorn Blue Blaze Unicorn Foal Greenscale Unicorn Greenscale Unicorn Foal
Woodland Unicorn Woodland Unicorn Foal   

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