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   Starts March 19- The Easter Egg Hunt -The FarmVille studio will  soon offer us the opportunity to earn Easter themed prizes based upon the Royal Rescue type of feature. In a twist from past versions of this feature, instead of being able to view and choose exactly what we want, the prizes will be hidden behind eggs. There are no probabilities in the coding, so if you redeem in order, you are unlikely to get duplicates, If the feature varies at all from the coded order, those who wish to pick and choose will likely be disappointed. This feature contains a fairly even mix of animals and decorations for a change. This time our mysteriously nameless character will be in disguise as a bunny. She will guide us on the egg hunt.  If we find them all, we will be rewarded with the animals and decorations listed below and the title of “Your Eggcellence”. Check out the details below and please do share.

If we are able to find all the eggs before Easter on April 1, 2018, we will be rewarded with BOTH bonus prizes instead of just one.

We will need to redeem Egg Finders and Egg Baskets to earn the rewards, we will be able to post and ask for them, or craft them.  As usual, features like these tend to be crafting intensive, if you wish to complete them quickly.  

We expect this feature to go live 3/19/2018 and run through 4/16/2018

Here's a look at one of the opening screens we will see when the feature goes live

  and the pop-up inviting us to play the feature.

We will initially be invited to go Egg-sploring

As we achieve the milestones by redeeming the Egg Finders and Egg Baskets for animals, we will also be rewarded with Super Fertilizer, Unwither, and Instant Grow.
Milestone Number
Bonus Points Needed
Organic Fertilizer
1 Super Fertilizer
1 Unwither
Instagrow Potion
2 Instagrow

We will be collecting, crafting
in increments of 1,3 and 5 ,
and redeeming Egg Finders  and Egg Baskets


and Using them to redeem for prizes hidden behind eggs


We will be using the following *NEW*crops to craft the Feeding Bowls and Pet Brushes

Painted Watermelon Choco Easter Egg Easter Avocado

Here are the recipes for the Egg Baskets


Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
Electric Roses Bushel Caramel Popcorn Instantly Ready
One Egg Basket 3 Choco Easter Egg 2 Electric Roses 2 Caramel Popcorn  
Instantly Ready
ThreeEgg Baskets 3 Easter Avocado 3 Treasure Map Crop 3 Exotic Forest Flower  
Instantly Ready
Five Egg Baskets 4 Painted Watermelon 3 Lost Island Eggplant 3 Blue Pink Lycoris  

Here are the recipes for the Egg Finders


Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
Instantly Ready
One Egg Finder 3 Choco Easter Egg 2 Spiral Sunflowers 2 Flower Melon  
Instantly Ready
Three Egg Finders 3 Easter Avocado 3 Sunburst Orchid 3 Magic Beans  
Instantly Ready
Five Egg Finders 4 Painted Watermelon 3 Minty Blooms 3 Roasted Marshmellow Sticks  


Here's a look at all the possible rewards, along with the number of crafted items needed for each.

If we wish to earn each reward, we will need to either craft or ask for and receive a total of 440 Egg Finders and 440 Egg Baskets.  We will also have the opportunity to purchase Egg Finders and Egg Baskets. for FC, although with the opportunity to instantly craft the items, we would recommend against that.


Reward Number of Egg Finders Number of Egg Baskets Bonus Points Given

Eggy Surprise Tree
30   1

Ooid Crown Tree
30   1

Origami Egg Tree
  30 1

    Egg Hunter
  30 1
Easter Egg Painter
Easter   Egg Painter

20 20 2

Easter Rooster
20 20       2

Choco Moco Sheep
10 30 2

Easter Deco Stall
30 10 2

Egg Collector Kangaroo
25 25 3

Eggcellent Gazebo
25 25 3

Bunny Car
30 20 3

Hammock Swing
20 30 3

Eggy Antler Deer
30 30 4

Glass Paint Horse
30 30 4

Easter Playhouse
40 20 4

Spring Wing Pegasus
20 40 4

Carrot Top House
60 20 6

Egg Barn
20 60 6

There are 18 different egg images so it is possible that each reward will be hidden behind a different egg 

Here's what we will see when we receive the final rewards, the Eggy Special Unicorn and the Easter Surprise House. Those players who finish the feature by Easter – April 1, 2018 will receive both bonus prizes.
Those finishing after that date will have to choose just one.



Eggy Special Unicorn Easter Surprise House

That’s all we have for now … Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and Info …..
Happy Farming

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