FarmVille Craftshop Specials - April 1 to July 1, 2018

Starts April 1st - The FarmVille Studio will soon update the Craft Shop specials just in time Spring. Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you so you can start planning and gathering bushels if necessary. Check out the details below and please do share....

This round of FarmVille Craftshop Specials is currently expected to go live on April 1st, 2018 and end on July 1st, 2018

Spring Bouquet Tree
Spring Bouquet Tree
Columbine Bushel
15 Columbine Bushel
Blackberry Bushel
15 Blackberry Bushel
Parsnip Bushel
15 Parsnip Bushel
1/2/5 1 day
4 hrs 4 hrs 8 hrs
Spring Bouquet Fence
Spring Bouquet Fence
Summer Savory Bushel
15 Summer Savory Bushel
Acorn Squash Bushel
15 Acorn Squash Bushel
Apollo Aster Bushel
15 Apollo Aster Bushel
1/2/5 4 hrs
4 hrs 9 hrs 30 mins 7 hrs 36 mins
Bridesmaid Goat
Bridesmaid Goat
Saffron Bushel
15 Saffron Bushel
Peanut Bushel
15 Peanut Bushel
Bamboo Bushel
15 Bamboo Bushel
1/2/5 1 day
10 hrs 16 hrs 16 hrs
Flowercarrier Dog
Flowercarrier Dog
Fennel Bushel
15 Fennel Bushel
Acorn Squash Bushel
15 Acorn Squash Bushel
Yellow Trillium Bushel
15 Yellow Trillium Bushel
1/2/5 1 day
12 hrs 9 hrs 30 mins 23 hrs
Springbride Unicorn
Springbride Unicorn
Bermuda Grass Hay Bushel
15 Bermuda Grass Hay Bushel
Forget Me Not Bushel
15 Forget Me Not Bushel
Moon Flower Bushel
15 Moon Flower Bushel
1/2/5 1 day
15 hrs 54 mins 18 hrs 11 hrs 30 mins

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