Bob's Berry Farm Updates For Spring 2018 !

Starts April 1 Y'all reckon the Berry Farm rewards are getting a little tired? Well never fear! The FarmVille Studio is getting Farmer Bob ready for warm weather! That's right! Bob's Berry Farm will update with a  fun in the sun dominated mix of old and new rewards on April 1st. Check out the details below and please do share....

Chill In The Pool Daisy Love Tree Daisy Shi Tzu
40 Berries 20 Berries 20 Berries
Friendly Summer Tree Vacation Frog Gerbera Daisy Tree
30 Berries 30 Berries 20 Berries
Sunbeam Giraffe Holiday Van Golden Sunset Horse
60 Berries 200 Berries 200 Berries
Daisy Deer Daisy Fairy Pegasus Summer Power Pegasus
70 Berries 80 Berries 200 Berries
Romantic Roses Gazebo Setting Sun Sheep Sunny Bright Puppies
60 Berries 70 Berries 70 Berries 
Bella Fountain Zen Peace Fountain
30 Berries 60 Berries

Now for a look at the offspring of the Bob's Berry Farm rewards for this round. The Gerbera Daisy Tree is itself a level 2, from the Petunia Tree.

Wild Rose Tree (Level 2 of Daisy Love) Giant Friendly Summer Tree Golden Sunset Foal
Daisy Fawn Daisy Fairy Pegasus Foal Summer Power Pegasus Foal

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