Farmville Unreleased Items February 23, 2018

We have found some unreleased images that will soon be released  into the game as possible Quest Rewards and VIP.  Check out the Dirt Farmers post for a sneak peek at the images we have found for you.
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Bling Bling Bear Mischeiveous Lion Indah Cat Chic Chicken
Archaic Bulldog Fashion Ready Dog Sombreros Dog Spot Sprint Dog
Tribal Fashion Mule Faux Fur Duck Monoceros Deer Coche Horse
Fashion Beauty Horse Petal Bloom Horse Balinse Pegasus Princess Fashion Unicorn
Russian Hat Meerkat Magnificent Scarf Giraffe Troll Goat Flamenco Goose
Snow Season Kangaroo Boom Boxer Chimp Flamenco Sheep Rainbow Jewels Peacock
Exhaulted Pegasus Elegant Lady Pig Funny Costume Pig Tophat Rabbit
Winter Fashion Sheep Fashion Store Building Balloon Bloom Crop Candy Striped Dahlia Crop
Carnation Azure Crop Dracula Orchid Crop Eclipse Orange Crop Emerald Grape Crop
Gemini Hibiscus Crop Glaia Melon Crop Hoya Crop Kohlrabi Crop
Lumen Bulb Crop Markut Lime Crop Nyepi Flower Crop Owl Eyes Crop
Romanesco Crop Rose Cabbage Crop Ruby Berry Crop Salak Crop
Scarlet Banksia Crop Showy Medinilla Crop Silver Berry Crop Spectral Hibiscus Crop
Striped Pear Crop Sugar Coated onion Crop Tiger Striped
Watermelon Crop
Umbrella Blossom Crop
Violet Toad Lily Crop White Bat Flower Crop Yellow Puff Onion Crop Fashionista Arch
City Fashion Gnomette Spring Frock Gnomette Mas Dancers Ngrupuk Parade
. .
Unlicensed Boxing Coat Rose Tree . .

And finally lets have a look at the Offspring and Giant Trees
Tribal Fashion
Mule Foal
Monoceros Deer Fawn Coche Horse Foal Fashion Beauty Horse Foal
Petal Bloom Horse Foal Balinese Pegasus Foal Exhaulted Pegasus Foal Princess Fashion Unicorn Foal
. .
. Chic Chicken Egg Giant Coat Rose Tree .
And last but not least a Peek at upcoming Market Updates

That's all we have for now, Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.... 
Happy Farming

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