Farmville EmberHill Adventure Farm Sneak Peek

 Hello Farmers!! Farmville's EmberHill Adventure Farm EARLY ACCESS is on MARCH 5THHere is a SNEAK PEEK of unreleased images and information about this NEW FARM. Please share with your friends and stay tuned for more updates!

Farm Name: EmberHill Adventure
Early Access Date: March 5th, 2018
General Access Date: March 12th, 2018 
Center-Piece Building: EmberHill Lab
Unwither Ring Building: Blacksmith's Tavern (Level up with Greenwood Golds)
Crafting Cottage: Druids Galleria
Self-Contained Building: Alchemist's Lab
Land Expansions: Requires the Permission of: TBA
Farm Points: EmberHill Points
Main Feature: Temple of the Gods

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This is an image of the Temple of the Gods. The main feature for EmberHill Adventure Farm. 

In the following image of The Temple of the Gods we see that we will have the option to play FOUR TEMPLES: the Cernunnos Temple, the Cerridwen Temple, the Danu Temple and the Brigit Temple.

(*)These are all temples of Celtic Deities. 

Cernunnos: God of Virility, Fertility, Animals and the Underworld.
Cerridwen: Goddess of the Moon, Grain and Nature.
Danu: Mother of the All Father, Creation Goddess, and Mother of the Tuatha de Danaan.
Brigit: One of the Three fold Goddess. One in charge of Poetry and Inspiration, One on charge of Midwifery and Healing; and One in charge of Crafts and Smiths. Interestingly enough, when Christianity arrived to Ireland, she was so loved that she was made a Saint. 

(*) We would like to thank Farmer Sonia Voight Kling for sharing with us the above information about the Celtic Dieties.

 Here are the images for 3 of our characters: Theodor (Theon), Aara and Nolanor.


NEW IMAGES!!! This latest UPDATE 02.26.2018 shows us a sneak peek of buildings, crops, vehicles and more!!! 


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