The Dirt Farmer Poll Of The Week January 3rd, 2018

We have a quick question for all FarmVille players. Many of us were eagerly anticipating the return of a cash harvestable money item into the game.  That’s how a lot of players budget to be able to make in game FC purchases, be it early access, or land expansions, or that special unipegahorsus that we just HAVE to have. The FarmVille Studio introduced two Prospery trees into the market, but with a twist:  They have to be purchased with actual dollars, not Farm Cash.

The Dirt Farmer would appreciate you taking a moment and voting in our poll, telling us how you feel about that.

 Then please comment here, in ASK the Dirt Farmer, telling us why you voted as you did. 

 Remember that the FarmVille Studio has representatives in all of our groups, and they may follow this poll and read the comments in ASK the Dirt Farmer. 

 This is one way for your voice to be heard, so please do vote and comment.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Will you be purchasing a new Prospery tree?

1. Yes.
2. No, I would have if it was offered for Farm Cash.
3. No, I never spend any money on the game.
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Want to know what all the fuss about a Prospery tree is all about?

Want to see all the prior cash harvesting items released into the market?
That’s all we have for now, remember to return to often for all the latest FarmVille news, and happy farming!

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  1. I won't buy it, because the pearl tree costs $2 more than the vip rewards I get now for the same amount of farm cash. And I don't have to worry about missing a day.

  2. In the past specials like this have ALWAYS allowed us to you Farm Cash, many of the farmers spending money on cards or just purchasing FC with real money. To buy these trees is insane, just buy discounted FC. Horribly disappointed after so many years and so much anticipation, to have this for cash.

  3. Will not use real money to buy anything. Why not let us use coins...have plenty of them.


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