FarmVille Alba Toscana Farm The Grape Escape Overview

Starts January 15th - The FarmVille Studio has some ‘splainin to do! With the all new Alba Toscana farm being released on January 15th, its GRAPE ESCAPE main feature will be arriving too. We’ll be doing tasks and stomping grapes to earn daily rewards and a building that harvests for consumables until March 12th! Guided by a character who looks suspiciously like “I Love Lucy” era Lucille Ball, your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop on how to fill those meters and complete the feature. This post will give you an OVERVIEW of the Grape Escape and , a post on tasks and a post with the daily rewards. Read on for details and please do share….

The Grape Escape Feature will begin on January 15th, 2018 and run until February 26, 2018.

For tasks to earn points in this feature click here.

For feature rewards click here.

For Dirt Farmer Katy's Video Guide click here.

A look at the loading screens associated with this feature.

You can access the feature via the Lucy looking character at the back of your farm beside the  Tuscan Grannary Unwither Ring Gift Building .

or the icon on the right side of your farm.

The daily timer will restart at the normal market update time. There is a real time countdown and reminder of which feature day we are currently on  in upper left of feature.

You will fill your meter each day by doing a variety of TASKSClick here to view them.

If you do not care for a particular task you can TRASH it as with the prior Pot of Gold feature on isle of Dreams.

To Trash as Task, click on the Trash button

The feature will remind you that you do not get points for trashed tasks

Trashing a task will invoke a  15 minute waiting period before you get another. Much improved from the 4 hour waiting period in Pot of Gold.

to view thewaiting period  time remaining on a trashed task, you must close and reopen the feature.

It does not count down in real time like the daily timer does.

of course you can skip the trashed task waiting period for Farm Cash

In addition to doing your day’s TASKS, you will need to do some stomping and crush grape barrels to proceed to the next day. and between meter levels on the current day. Lets have a look at where you will have to stop and crush grape barrels, and how many are needed for each level.


Meter Points Achieved Winery Reward For Average In This Range Grape Barrels To Crush To Proceed To Next Meter Level
10 Good 5
20 Better 10
35 Classic (open Next Day when it unlocks)


You will be able to obtain grape barrels via the usual post give and get method with 5 per post appearing to be the helper limit, and around 10 per day.
You will obtain 50 grape barrels for every land tile you unlock or purchase
As usual, you can buy them for Farm Cash

If you purchase Early Access, you will be awarded 40 free Grape Barrels

in addition to the 10 pre-filled points on the meter for the first 7 days.

This is helpful, as if you wish the rewards for the day, you will need to fill the meter to the full 35 points

and in a rather helpful turn of events you can craft them in increments of 1, 3 and 5.

3 Grape Barrels
3 Grape Barrels
Vaulted White Bloom Bushel
3 Vaulted White Bloom Bushel
Peach Bushel
3 Peach Bushel
Beetroot Bushel
3 Beetroot Bushel
None 3 hrs
17 hrs 54 mins 8 hrs 17 hrs 54 mins
5 Grape Barrels
5 Grape Barrels
Florentine Iris Bushel
3 Florentine Iris Bushel
Golden Dragonberry Bushel
3 Golden Dragonberry Bushel
Bougainvillea Blossom Bushel
3 Bougainvillea Blossom Bushel
None 5 hrs
12 hrs 15 hrs 54 mins 12 hrs
Grape Barrel
Grape Barrel
Gilded Tangberry Bushel
2 Gilded Tangberry Bushel
Raw Plum Bushel
3 Raw Plum Bushel
Scarlet Poppy Bushel
2 Scarlet Poppy Bushel
None 1 hr



There are rewards associated with every day's meter and the final winery reward at the end. Click here to view them.

You will also receive a pop-up at the beginning of the feature that indicates which consumables you have a chance of winning from each 2 week harvestable building, so you can decide which to pursue.


Note that the middle winery is called superb in some places and better in others.

When the initial task-driven part of the feature completes on the 26th of February, you will be notified which level of consumable building you have won.

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  1. When I complete one task and click it, the quest says what I won and locks up. I can not work on the other 3 tasks. What am I doing wrong?


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