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Starts January 15th - The FarmVille Studio has some ‘splainin to do! With the all new Alba Toscana farm being released on January 15th, its GRAPE ESCAPE main feature will be arriving too. We’ll be doing tasks and stomping grapes to earn daily rewards and a building that harvests for consumables until March 12th! Guided by a character who looks suspiciously like “I Love Lucy” era Lucille Ball, your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop on how to fill those meters and complete the feature.  This post will explain the details of the various Grape Escape Tasks, to accompany our  complete guide, an overview,  and a post with the daily quests. Read on for details and please do share….

The Grape Escape Feature will begin on January 15th, 2018 and run until February 26, 2018.

Opening gifts in the TUSCANY GRANNARY offers between 1-10 points on a (mostly) ascending scale, . If you receive a task for a gift you have already opened, you will be able to redeem it immediately.

Level Points Level Points Level Points
1 1 11 5 21 8
2 1 12 6 22 8
3 1 13 6 23 9
4 2 14 6 24 9
5 3 15 6 25 9
6 3 16 7 26 9
7 4 17 7 27 10
8 4 18 8 28 9
9 5 19 8 29 9
10 5 20 8 30 10

Completing animals in the ITALIAN STABLE  awards points depending on the difficulty of the animal. If you get a task for an animal that you have already completed, you will have to make it again.

Level Points Level Points Level Points
1 2 6 6 11 10
2 2 7 6 12 10
3 3 8 6 13 11
4 3 9 6 14 11
5 3 10 7 15 12

We will receive points for leveling up the Tuscan Country House.  It will be beneficial to send out as many requests for free gifts as you can in order to level this building up more quickly.  Want more gifts?  All you need to do is add more neighbors, and a great way to do that is to post in our add me group Legion.  Want to know how to level up the Tuscan Country House as quickly as possible? Click here for a valuable guide.

Level Points Level Points Level Points
1 1 4 2 7 5
2 1 5 3 8 6
3 2 6 4 9 8


We will have many crop harvesting tasks. You will be able to earn differing point values depending on difficulty. These will be complicated by the fact that upon arrival to the farm, you only have approximately 40 water plots available (amount will be updated when farm goes live)  and around 120-130 land plots (once you clear the first 9 treasures). If you are someone who likes to purchase additional land upon arriving on a new farm, this will be a help for these tasks. You may also choose to use the many Instagrows it's possible to earn in the game (click here for more info on how to earn Instagrows). We will not see our first free expansion until the 2rd week on the farm for early access and 1st week on the farm for general access.   All of this means that when it comes to these crop harvesting tasks, you will have to plan out your strategy. You can also trash the task if you like, but keep in mind that you will have to wait 4 hours for the next one. For more information on Alba Toscana crops, click here. Below, we have the various crop harvesting tasks and the points you can earn from them:

Land Crops

Crop Amount To Harvest Points Earned
Bougainvillea Blossom 100 2
Courgette 40 2
Florentine Iris 90 2
Leafy Persimmon 80 2
Prickly Lettuce 60 2
Red Ribes 60 2
Red Shallot 50 2
Sweet Fig 60 2
Tuscan Chestnut 80 2
Peach 120 3
Raw Plum 110 3
Scarlet Poppy  90 3
Chicory Flower 160 4
Red Chard 60 4
Rosemary Flower 160 4
Snow Lavender 160 4
Artichoke Thistle 180 5
Beetroot 200 5
Fennel Root 200 6
Green Jelly Bean 220 6
Allium 80 10

Water Crops

Crop Amount To Harvest Points
Duckweed 20 2
Fanwort 40 3
Waterweed 40 3
White Water Hyacinth 40 3
Ombre Water Lettuce 240 6
Pink Water Lily 60 7


We will also have many craft related tasks in the Italian Cafe. For most players, these seem to come up the most. Unfortunately, due to the random way the tasks appear, players may have 3 star, 4 star, and even 5 star crafts as their tasks upon arriving on the farm. Crafts take anywhere from 1-8 hours, so you should also factor that into your planning. There are several ways you can approach this. You can do the trick to level up your crafting cottage to 5 Star as fast as possible (see here) CAUTION: SOME PLAYERS REPORT NOT BEING ABLE TO PURCHASE THE CRAFTING COTTAGES BACK FOR COINS, THE LEVELING UP TRICK MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE IF YOU CANNOT PURCHASE YOUR COTTAGE FOR COINS, SO DECIDE IN ADVANCE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT RISK OR NOT. You can trash the higher star  and higher time crafting tasks, but keep in mind, you may just get another crafting task in its place. Due to the feature's randomness, it's possible to have most of your board be crafting tasks, so it may be possible to just ignore higher level crafting tasks until your building is leveled and concentrate on the lower ones. All of these decisions will have to be made according to which strategy fits your farming style the most. For more information on the Grape Escape crafts, including which bushels you'll need, click here. Below, we've listed the various crafting tasks and what you can expect to earn from them:

Craft Star Level Cook Time Amount To Craft Points Earned
Italian Almond Cookies 1 2 Hours 2 3
Italian Wedding Soup 1 4 Hours 2 4
World Best Lasagna 1 8 Hours 2 4
Marinara Sauce Jar 1 4 Hours 2 4
Italian Chopped Salad 1 2 Hours 2 4
Ricotta Cookies 1 2 Hours 2 4
Gnocchi Mac n Cheese 2 2 Hours 2 5
Classic Pizzelles 2 2 Hours 2 5
Italian Cream Sodas 2 3 Hours 2 5
Roasted Italian Tomatoes 2 3 Hours 2 5
Potato Croquettes 3 4 Hours 3 8
Peach Ball Cookies 3 6 Hours 3 7
Italian Breakfast Cake 3 6 Hours 3 8
Pistachio Cookies 4 6 Hours 3 9
Italian Stromboli 4 6 Hours 3 8
Arancini Cheese Balls 5 6 Hours 3 12
Bomboloni 5 4 Hours 3 10


Next up, we have the task of harvesting animals. You will get the task to harvest 5 Alba Toscana animals (1 point), 10 animals (3 points), or 15 animals (6 points). THIS IS A GREAT IMPROVEMENT OVER PRIOR VARIATIONS OF THIS TASK WHERE WE WOULD HAVE TO HARVEST 25 AND 50 ANIMALS TO GET 3 AND 6 POINTS RESPECTIVELY. Most animals will work, but there are exceptions, such as quest rewards. The ones that will work will be listed below for your convenience, and you can find images of them here. When doing this task, there are a couple of tricks to make it easier. In a rare exception to farm specific features, if you harvest an Alba Toscana animal that is not locked on another farm, it will NOT  count toward this task this go round. There are also various foals and calves you can collect from your friends if you want to amass a larger number of animals for the 15 animal task. There is also one coin animal in the market for Alba Toscana, the monsieur platypus, which you can load up on. Keep in mind also you get prizes for each completed animal pen (or you can collect them from your friends off the feed). Any animal you receive from the Italian Stable self contained crafting  can be used for this task. In addition, if you have any of the older Capital One instagrows that make animals ready, they can be of potential use here. There have been reports of harvests not counting when using the Animal Harvester vehicle, so we recommend that you do not use this during this task.

Ancestral Elephant
Art Soul Calf
Art Soul Cow
Astro Spirit Calf
Astro Spirit Cow
Avelignese Foal
Avelignese Horse
Barone Donkey
Barone Donkey Foal
Bedazzled Turtle
Boatman Seal
Bowing Puffin
Calabrese Camel
Carabinieri Fox
Carnival Angel Pegasus
Carnival Angel Pegasus Foal
Chic Mama Cat
Classico Italiano Donkey
Classico Italiano Donkey Foal
Coy Tuscan Dog
Crown Tuscan Bear
Da Medici Duck
Dapper Italian Seal
Delicate Vintage Giraffe
Designer Chihuahua
Desulo Pegacorn
Desulo Pegacorn Foal
Diamond Flower Pig
Doublet Chimp
Emerald Gleam Foal
Emerald Gleam Horse
Exquisite Vibrant Pegasus
Exquisite Vibrant Pegasus Foal
Fair Maiden Giraffe
Fancy Italian Greyhound
Fashionable Lemur
Festive Fallow Deer
Florentine Deer
Florentine Fawn
Florentine Llama
Flowery Skirt Beaver
Folk Lover Duck
Glorious Tuscan Unicorn
Glorious Tuscan Unicorn Foal
Gold Gilt Unicorn
Gold Gilt Unicorn Foal
Golden Mosaic Unicorn
Golden Mosaic Unicorn Foal
Gondolier Panda
Grand Duca Colt
Grand Duca Stallion
Grape Stomper Duck
Grape Vine Bull
Grape Vine Bull Calf
Grape Vine Pony
Grape Vine Pony Foal
Grape Vine Sheep
Grapes Galore Pony
Grapes Galore Pony Foal
Happy Italian Goat
Haute Couture Cat
Impeccable Rabbit
Italia Flag Pegasus
Italia Flag Pegasus Foal
Italia Harlequin Monkey
Italia Pegacorn
Italia Pegacorn Foal 
Italia Spring Deer
Italia Spring Fawn
Italia Velvet Chicken
Italian Calf
Italian Celebrity Duck
Italian Cow
Italian Farm Chicken
Italian Fashion Meerkat
Italian Fashion Monkey
Italian Felt Pig
Italian Florentine Deer
Italian Florentine Fawn
Italian Glass Duck
Italian Gypsy Deer
Italian Gypsy Fawn
Italian Maiden Duck
Italian Maiden Foal
Italian Maiden Horse
Italian Minstrel Rooster
Italian Monkey
Italian Pizzeria Duck
Italian Shield Goat
Italian Soccer Seal
Italian Swan
Italy Leaf Cat
Italy Spectrum Fox
Leather Jacket Deer
Leather Jacket Fawn
Leonardo Giraffe
Long Haired Llama
Lucy Calf
Lucy Cow
Macaron Sheep
Marchesa Cat
Meadow Chequered Chicken
Meadow Horizon Calf
Meadow Horizon Cow
Mediterranean Flair Dog
Messinese Goat
Milan Spot Hippo
Modern Queen Unicorn
Modern Queen Unicorn Foal
Modern Renaissance Calf
Modern Renaissance Cow
Modern Renaissance Foal
Modern Renaissance Horse
Monsieur Platypus
Night Bard Meerkat
Old Fashioned Panda
Olive Fleece Sheep
Olive Vine Pegasus
Olive Vine Pegasus Foal
Ollolai Dog
Palio Drummer Foal
Palio Drummer Horse
Palio Foal
Palio Horse 
Palio Meerkat
Panache Wolf
Pastel Vine Swan
Pizzaiolo Panda
Princely Giraffe
Quartucciu Vixen
Quatrucciu Chimp
Renaissance Dog
Renaissance Dress Chicken
Renaissance Fair Gorilla
Renaissance Fair Unicorn
Renaissance Fair Unicorn Foal
Renaissance Festival Unicorn
Renaissance Festival Unicorn Foal
Renaissance Gold Goat
Renaissance Royalty Calf
Renaissance Royalty Cow
Royal Renaissance Pegasus
Royal Renaissance Pegasus Foal
Royal Tuscan Pegasus
Royal Tuscan Pegasus Foal
Sardinia Cat
Scarlet Blossom Cat
Spring Fashion Foal
Spring Fashion Horse
Summer Rose Elephant
Sunny Flower Calf
Sunny Flower Cow
Sunny Pyro Dragon
Sunset Tuscany Rooster
Team Italy Owl
The Great Foal
The great horse
Theatre Star Deer
Theatre Star Fawn
Toscana Sun Deer
Toscana Sun Fawn
Town Gown Chicken
Traditional Italian Pig
Tradizione Pegasus
Tradizione Pegasus Foal
Tuscan Banner Fox
Tuscan Bard Tiger
Tuscan China Calf
Tuscan China Cow
Tuscan Dandelion Foal
Tuscan Dandelion Horse
Tuscan Deer
Tuscan Doll Swan
Tuscan Fawn
Tuscan Gem Turtle
Tuscan Lace Goat
Tuscan Love Foal
Tuscan Love Horse
Tuscan Meadow Giraffe
Tuscan Rosa Pig
Tuscan Stripe Sheep
Tuscan Stud Walrus
Tuscan Sunrise Pegasus
Tuscan Sunrise Pegasus Foal
Tuscan Swirl Sheep
Tuscan Velvet Pig
Tuscan Vintage Pegasus
Tuscan Vintage Pegasus Foal
Tuscany Flag Pegasus
Tuscany Flag Pegasus Foal
Tuscany Flower Elephant
Valentino Fox
Vatican Guard Foal
Vatican Guard Horse
Venetian Carnival Foal
Venetian Carnival Horse
Venetian Dance Chicken
Venetian Sailor Cat
Venezia Carnival Swan
Venice Festival Calf
Venice Festival Cow
Venice Festival Deer
Venice Festival Fawn
Venice Meerkat
Venice Night Foal
Venice Night Horse
Vineyard Mule 
Vineyard Mule Foal
Vintage Italia Swan
White Flamingo
Willow Vine Deer
Willow Vine Fawn
Wine Seller Monkey
Yellow Fan Peacock
Yellow Meadow Sheep
Zesty Golden Zebra


Due to the random nature of tasks, it is possible to get 2 different animal harvest tasks at the same time:



insert images here


We will also see the task of harvesting Alba Toscana trees. These tasks of harvesting 5 trees (1 point), 10 trees (3 points), or 15 trees (6 points), function about the same as the animal ones.  THIS IS A GREAT IMPROVEMENT OVER PRIOR VARIATIONS OF THIS TASK WHERE WE WOULD HAVE TO HARVEST 25 AND 50 ANIMALS TO GET 3 AND 6 POINTS RESPECTIVELY. Trees have a slight advantage over the animals however, due to Orchard stuffing. It is possible to take the unlocked trees to a farm where you have a lot of ready orchards and manually "stuff" them and get each tree harvesting task done within a couple of minutes.   IN A DEPARTURE FROM PREVIOUS FARMS, TREES MUST BE HARVESTED ON ALBA TOSCANA. For a video of how to do this, click here. There are no coin trees in the market on the Alba Toscana farm you can stock up on, although they may locked to that farm, . Much like the animal tasks, it is possible to get two at once, and use the harvests to count for both tasks. Much like the animal tasks, we recommend not using the Orchard Harvester for this task.  For images of these trees, click here. Below we have listed all the possible trees to use for this task. Keep in mind that quest rewards will not work. All of these trees have a level two "Giant" counterpart which will also work

Antipasti Tree

Bloomburst Tree

Bougainvillea Sculpture Tree

Cerignola Olive Tree

Cherry Cypress Tree

Chianti Grape Tree

Cotton Balls Tree

Crystal Brooch Tree

Drooping Dogwood Tree

Giant Antipasti Tree

Giant Bloomburst Tree

Giant Bougainvillea Sculpture Tree

Giant Cerignola Olive Tree

Giant Cherry Cypress Tree

Giant Cotton Balls Tree

Giant Crystal Brooch Tree

Giant Drooping Dogwood Tree

Giant Glass Lantern Tree

Giant Golden Lotus Tree

Giant Grape Root Tree

Giant Italian Candle Tree

Giant Italian Date Tree

Giant Lavender Wreath Tree

Giant Lemonrose Tree

Giant Marble Trunk Tree

Giant Meringue Pie Tree

Giant Murano Glass Tree

Giant Olive Cypress Tree

Giant Patriotic Cypress Tree

Giant Pepperoni Pizza Tree

Giant Pizzaz Tree

Giant Spaghe Tree

Giant Spiral Cypress Tree

Giant Swirly Grape Tree

Giant Trident Oak Tree

Giant Tulip Chandelier Tree

Giant Tuscan Bougainvillea

Giant Tuscan Vine Tree

Giant Water Lotus Tree

Giant Watervine Tree

Glass Lantern Tree

Golden Lotus Tree

Grape Root Tree

Italian Candle Tree

Italian Date Tree

Italian Pasta Tree

Lavender Wreath Tree

Leaning Tower Tree

Lemonrose Tree

Marble Trunk Tree

Meringue Pie Tree

Murano Glass Tree

Olive Cypress Tree

Patriotic Cypress Tree

Pepperoni Pizza Tree

Pizzaz Tree

Spaghe Tree

Spiral Cypress Tree

Swirly Grape Tree

Trident Oak Tree

Tulip Chandelier Tree

Tuscan Bougainvillea

Tuscan Vine Tree

Vineyard Tree

Water Lotus Tree

Watervine Tree

 Due to the random nature of tasks, it is possible to get 2 different tree harvest tasks at the same time:

Another task we can expect is to ask our friends to click on tasks for us, much like in quests. These posts allow 10 friends to click on them, and provided you're also on the task, when you click on the posts, you can get one for yourself. These tasks will require you to get either 10, 20 or 30 of an item, for 1, 2, or 3 points respectively. For the 20 and 30 amounts, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can post to ask again. From what we can tell, this time also affects the tasks that require 10. Once you have your 10, you must wait until the ask time (6 hours) is over before you can redeem the task. If you are required to get 20 or 30 and would like to get more than the 10 that the feed posting allows you to get, you can search the news feed for your friends posts by using the search box at the top of your Facebook home page, or if you belong to any groups, you can search for the items within the group via the search box on the top left. Below, we have the various items you will be asking friends to help you get:

image to be added image to be added image to be added
Pruning Shears Garden Fork Garden Rake


Finally, we have the task of spending coins. This task is an instantaneous task, that allows you to spend a certain amount of coins to win points and progress. The coins you spend do not actually purchase any items, and purchasing coin items from the market will not work for this task. For this task we will be asked to spend 500,000 coins to earn 1 point, 1 million coins to earn 2 points, and 1.5 million coins to earn 3 points.

Some players have reported glitches while doing similar features on prior farms. If at any time your task does not appear to redeem when you click the button, a refresh or two usually fixes the issue. Some players have reported harvests of animals or trees not counting. Other than usage of the Harvesters, we have not been able to verify this glitch. If this happens to you, contact customer support.
Well farmers, what do you think of this intricate new feature? Let us know in the comments below, and Happy Farming!


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  1. If you get 35 points for a day the remaining tasks don't carry over to the next day. (I have made it to 35 each day so I don't know if they carry over if you don't make it to 35 but I doubt it.) If you trash a task the wait time is 15 min. So if you can't get a task done in one day better to trash it and try your luck for a new one


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