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Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new expansion called The Alba Toscana Farm.  And as with every new farm expansion, The Alba Toscana Farm  will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this Italian farm.  Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your FarmVille friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville The Alba Toscana Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s The Alba Toscana Complete Guide.



General Animals



Crown Tuscan Bear Flowery Skirt Beaver Tuscan Bard Tiger Team Italy Owl
Calabrese Camel Haute Couture Cat Italy Leaf Cat Marchesa Cat
Sardinia Cat Scarlet Blossom Cat Doublet Chimp Quatrucciu Chimp
Coy Tuscan Dog Mediterranean Flair Dog Ollolai Dog Barone Donkey
Classico Italiano Donkey Sunny Pyro Dragon Da Medici Duck Folk Lover Duck
Italian Celebrity Duck Italian Glass Duck Italian Maiden Duck Italian Pizzeria Duck
Ancestral Elephant Summer Rose Elephant Tuscany Flower Elephant Carabinieri Fox
Italy Spectrum Fox Quartucciu Vixen Tuscan Banner Fox Valentino Fox
Italian Fashion Meerkat Monsieur Platypus Night Bard Meerkat Zesty Golden Zebra
Fair Maiden Giraffe Happy Italian Goat Renaissance Gold Goat Tuscan Lace Goat
Renaissance Fair Gorilla Milan Spot Hippo Florentine Llama Renaissance Harlequin Monkey
Old Fashioned Panda Traditional Italian Pig Tuscan Rosa Pig Tuscan Velvet Pig
Impeccable Rabbit Italian Monkey Dapper Italian Seal Olive Fleece Sheep
Tuscan Stripe Sheep Tuscan Swirl Sheep Italian Swan Pastel Vine Swan
Tuscan Doll Swan Venezia Carnival Swan Vintage Italia Swan Bedazzled Turtle
Renaissance Pattern Turtle Tuscan Gem Turtle Tuscan Stud Walrus Panache Wolf
Boatman Seal Barone Donkey Foal Classico Italiano Donkey Foal 


Chickens and Eggs

Renaissance Dress Chicken Renaissance Dress Egg Renaissance Velvet Chicken Renaissance Velvet Egg
Town Gown Chicken Town Gown Egg Venetian Performer Chicken Venetian Performer Egg
Italian Minstrel Rooster  Sunset Tuscany Rooster 

Cows, Calves, and Bulls

Art Soul Cow Art Soul Calf Astro Spirit Cow Astro Spirit Calf
Meadow Horizon Cow Meadow Horizon Calf Modern Renaissance Cow Modern Renaissance Calf
Renaissance Royalty Cow Renaissance Royalty Calf Sunny Flower Cow Sunny Flower Calf
Tuscan China Cow Tuscan China Calf Venice Festival Cow Venice Festival Calf

Deer and Fawn

Florentine Deer Florentine Fawn Italian Gypsy Deer Italian Gypsy Fawn
Toscana Sun Deer Toscana Sun Fawn Venice Festival Deer Venice Festival Fawn
Willow Vine Deer Willow Vine Fawn   

Horses and Foals

Avelignese Horse Avelignese Foal Emerald Gleam Horse Emerald Gleam Foal
Palio Drummer Horse Palio Drummer Foal Spring Fashion Horse Spring Fashion Foal
Tuscan Dandelion Horse Tuscan Dandelion Foal Tuscan Love Horse Tuscan Love Foal
Vatican Guard Horse Vatican Guard Foal Venetian Carnival Horse Venetian Carnival Foal
Venice Night Horse Venice Night Foal   

Pegacorn and Foals

Desulo Pegacorn Desulo Pegacorn Foal   

Pegasi and Foals

Italia Flag Pegasus Italia Flag Pegasus Foal Olive Vine Pegasus Olive Vine Pegasus Foal
Royal Renaissance Pegasus Royal Renaissance Pegasus Foal Royal Tuscan Pegasus Royal Tuscan Pegasus Foal
Tradizione Pegasus Tradizione Pegasus Foal Tuscan Sunrise Pegasus Tuscan Sunrise Pegasus Foal
Tuscan Vintage Pegasus Tuscan Vintage Pegasus Foal   

Ponies and Stallions and Foals

Grape Vine Pony Grape Vine Pony Foal Grand Duca Stallion Grand Duca Colt

Unicorns and Foals

Golden Mosaic Unicorn Golden Mosaic Unicorn Foal Gold Gilt Unicorn Gold Gilt Unicorn Foal
Renaissance Fair Unicorn Renaissance Fair Unicorn Foal Renaissance Festival Unicorn Renaissance Festival Unicorn Foal

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