Farmville Unreleased Items December 01, 2017

        Your dirt Farmer Team has found some unreleased images that Zynga Farmville will soon be releasing into the game as possible quest rewards.  Check out the Dirt Farmer Post for more information and please don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful

Blue Line Sabertooth North Spectral Bison Spa Treatment Cow Regal Cat
Curled Hair Bull Dog Hair Styled Maltese Icy Chill Dog New Years Party Dog
Shower Cap Chihuahua Welcome Flowers Dog Secret Santa Dolphin MC Party Duck
Spa Treatment Duck Tartan Jacket Duck Pink Polka Mammoth Festive Coat Deer
Festive New Year Deer Pleistocene Deer Meery Cheer Horse Spa Steamer Horse
Panay Festive Pegasus Party Aimal Pegasus Pink Blanket Unicorn Green Stone Unicorn
Winter Moon Unicorn Flashy Poky Croc Country Music Monkey Snowy Tribal Monkey
Smiley Pinoy Panda Summer Vacation Pig Blue Tusk Rabbit Tutu Rabbit
Golden Furry Rhino Well Groomed Rooster Leafy Green Croc Shark Society Sheep
Fiery Cave Sloth Merry Wallaby Vibrant Bone Head Wolf Holiday Gift Shop
Pet Spa Snowy Gift Stall Cane Flute Crop Kalibo Pumpkin
Noise Maker Candies Crop Animal Bath Apartment Kennel Atiatihan Beauty
Kitten Basket Cheery Carol Couple Dancing Elves Flowery Shelter
Golden Piccolimenhir Holiday Star Fountain Icy Cross Bridge Leafy Dolmen
Parrot Powder Room Red Winter Fence Shiny Star Gazebo Snowy Avian Cottage
Sparkly Xmas Carriage Winter Festive Arch Atiatihan Tree Azure Xmas Tree
Blue Brd Xmas Tree Cyca Tree Hair Curling Tree Hair Dryer Tree
New Year Fireworks Tree Swirly White Tree Vibgyro Mushroom Tree Xmas Wonder Tree

And now lets have a sneak peek at the Offspring

Spa Treatment Calf Festive Coat Fawn Festive New Year Fawn Pleistocene Fawn
Meery Cheer Horse Foal Spa Steamer Horse Foal Panay Festive Pegasus Foal Party Animal Pegasus Foal
Pink Blanket Unicorn Foal Green Stone Unicorn Foal Winter Moon Unicorn Foal Giant Atiatihan Tree
Giant Azure Xmas Tree Giant Blue Bird Xmas Tree Giant Cycas Tree Giant Hair Curling Tree
Giant Hair Dryer Tree Giant New Year
Fireworks Tree
Giant Swirly White Tree Gant Vibgyor Mushroom Tree
- - -
- Giant Xmas Wonder Tree- - -

And last but not least a sneak peek at future Market Updates

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and Info.

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