The Dirt Farmer Poll Of The Week November 14, 2017


Papa Dirt realizes that FarmVille is played by people all over the world, and what may be a holiday in one country might be a just a number on a calendar in a different country. He’s been  seeing  a lot of comments about Halloween and Christmas farms in Ask the Dirt Farmer.   Many people look forward to having those farms each year, other people would prefer something different.

With that in mind, Papa was wondering what new farm theme you’d like to see next year.  You can only vote for one choice, but you can comment as much as you like here, in Ask the Dirt Farmer.  Please share this poll with your friends, so they can vote as well.

The DIRT FARMER wants to know: What new farm theme would you like to see in 2018?

1. A black and white themed farm.
2. An underground theme.
3. A Valentine's Day theme.
4. A city theme (such as Paris, London, New York)
5. A Victorian era theme.
6. A cartoon or animation theme.
7. Other (please comment in Ask the Dirt Farmer)
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Like collecting FREE stuff to use on your holiday themed farms?  We feature different holidays during the year in our Battleground Challenge group, we will be featuring Christmas themed trees soon, for instance.
Click here to join.

Decorating your thing?  Especially for holiday themed farms?  Wondering where and how to get started?
Look at all the ways we can use hay bales to decorate, courtesy of Dirt Farmer Katy.
Want to see how she does it?  Click here for a list of all off her video guides to decorating.

Want more inspiration, or want the chance to show off your talents?
Ask to join our Farmer’s Showcase today, by clicking here.
Featured above, a spooktacular Halloween deco by Dirt Farmer Mary Beth.
That’s all we have for now, thanks for voting in our poll, and sharing it with your friends.  Happy Farming!

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