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Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new expansion called The Winter Noel.  And as with every new farm expansion, The Winter Noel will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this Holiday farm.  Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your FarmVille friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville The Winter Noel Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s The Winter Noel Complete Guide.
General Animals

Nordic Alpaca Cosy Christmas Bear Ice Skater Bear Swedish Bear
Winter Knit Bear Ice Hockey Beaver Blue Glass Lion Ice Leopard
Ice Mane Panther Royal Ice Tiger Winter Flair Tiger Winter Reindeer Tiger
Wreathmane Lion Christmas Bullfinch Winter Night Owl Winter Plume Parrot
Christmas Kitty Cat Winter Flair Cat Snowbelle Dog White Snow Dog
Wise Winter Dog Blue Snow Dragon Fiery Frosty Dragon Prussian Winter Dragon
Winter Green Dragon Christmas Tree Duck Ice Crystal Duck Little Swedish Duck
Peppermint Stripe Duck Snowboard Duck Snow Plume Duck Snow Shovel Duck
Gifted Elephant Gingerbread Elf Elephant Holiday Fun Elephant Magic Winter Elephant
Holiday Helper Elk Fall Flame Fox Late Fall Fox Tundra Back Fox
White Winter Fox Christmas Reingriff Iceback Sea Pony Ice Totem Narwhal
Orange Platypus Snowflake Reindeer Snow Tree Meerkat Winter Holiday Meerkat
Blue Cape Goat Gifting Yule Goat Late Season Goat Straw Yule Goat
Adorable Snow Gorilla Blushing Hippo Mountaineer Kangaroo White Winter Kangaroo
Artic Monkey Snow Playtime Monkey Skaty Moose Caroller Panda
Holiday Lights Peacock Jewel Tail Peacock Christmas Tree Penguin Snow White Penguin
Arctic Sky Pig Ice Blast Pig Frost White Rabbit Jolly Nordic Rabbit
White Winter Raccoon Winter Vine Rhino Ornamental Seal Pine Sheep
Snow Fluff Ram Autumn Swan Holiday Fall Swan Winter Star Swan
White Winter Tapir Happy Christmas Turtle Jingle Shells Turtle Lit Christmas Turtle
Red Shell Turtle Snow Globe Turtle Speedy Skii Turtle Arctic Tail Wolf
Christmas Wish Wolf Electro Wolf Fall Flora Wolf Winter Magic Wolf
Hornaments Yak Winter Gale Yak   

Chicken and Eggs

Fall Bloom Chicken Fall Bloom Egg Winter Colour Chicken Winter Colour Egg
Winter Star Chicken Winter Star Egg   

Cows, Calves and Bulls

Snow Glow Bull Snow Glow Bull Calf Winter Sigil Bull Winter Sigil Bull Calf
Happy Holiday Cow Happy Holiday Calf Late Season Cow Late Season Calf
Winter Blue Cow Winter Blue Calf   

Deer and Fawn

Autumn Honey Deer Autumn Honey Fawn Chocolate Bush Deer Chocolate Bush Fawn
Christmas Merry Deer Christmas Merry Fawn Cold Autumn Deer Cold Autumn Fawn
Frosty Blue Deer Frosty Blue Fawn Golden Winter Reindeer Golden Winter Reindeer Fawn
Horned Mystic Deer Horned Mystic Fawn Late Winter Doe Late Winter Doe Fawn
Lazy Winter Deer Lazy Winter Fawn Snow Crystal Deer Snow Crystal Fawn
Tundra Mane Deer Tundra Mane Fawn Winter Slash Deer Winter Slash Fawn

Horses and Foals

Blue Flake Horse Blue Flake Foal Candy Bow Horse Candy Bow Foal
Fall Flavor Horse Fall Flavor Foal Funky Winter Horse Funky Winter Foal
Ginger Bread Horse Ginger Bread Foal Golden Winter Horse Golden Winter Foal
New Year Fun Horse New Year Fun Foal Snow Frost Horse Snow Frost Foal
White Winter Horse White Winter Foal Winter Fire Horse Winter Fire Foal
Winter Red Horse Winter Red Foal   

Pegacorn and Foals

Frozen Winter Pegacorn Frozen Winter Pegacorn Foal Scandinavian Pegacorn Scandinavian Pegacorn Foal
Regal Snow Pegacorn Regal Snow Pegacorn Foal Winter Elf Pegacorn Winter Elf Pegacorn Foal
Winter Monarch Pegacorn Winter Monarch Pegacorn Foal   

Pegasi and Foals

Autumn Candy Pegasus Autumn Candy Pegasus Foal Fall Flake Pegasus Fall Flake Pegasus Foal
Frosty Feiry Pegasus Frosty Feiry Pegasus Foal Holiday Blast Pegasus Holiday Blast Pegasus Foal
Winter Princess Pegasus Winter Princess Pegasus Foal   

Ponies and Stallions and Foals

Winter Pega Pony Winter Pega Pony Foal Jingle Bells Stallion Jingle Bells Colt
Santas Stallion Santas Colt   

Unicorns and Foals

Fall Flame Unicorn Fall Flame Unicorn Foal Festive Candy Unicorn Festive Candy Unicorn Foal
Mistletoe Unicorn Mistletoe Unicorn Foal Mystic Artic Unicorn Mystic Artic Unicorn Foal
Winter Fraust Unicorn Winter Fraust Unicorn Foal Winter Green Unicorn Winter Green Unicorn Foal
Winter Velvet Unicorn Winter Velvet Unicorn Foal   

That's all we have for now...remember to visit often for all the latest FarmVille news and please share our posts with your friends!

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