WHITE PAGE When Trying To Play FarmVille? Make Sure FLASH Is Enabled In Your Browser!

Seeing a WHITE PAGE, GRAY PAGE or PUZZLE PIECE  or other ERROR SYMBOL when you try to load FarmVille? Check your FLASH settings.  As the end of Flash in 2020 approaches, more and more browsers are disabling flash by default. If yours has, you will need to enable it in order to play FarmVille or any other Facebook game. Check out the details on how below and please do share.

Google Chrome

To enable flash in Google Chrome, the easiest way is to click on the exclamation point in the circle in the address bar. Look for flash on the drop down menu and make sure it set to allow with the down arrow.


On Firefox the icon looks more like a battery than an exclamation point when flash is blocked.

Then when you see the popup, simply click allow and remember.

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  1. I've already done that and it still gives me error messages "plug in has stopped working" or I get the box with a message to wait or kill it.


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