The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week October 4th, 2017


It seems as though the game of FarmVille, just like real life goes through cycles.  Something will be very popular, talked about, and anticipated, and then all of a sudden, gone and forgotten.

With that in mind, the Dirt Farmer would like to know player’s thoughts about seed and deco spitters.  So many of us enjoyed making them, in order to get new crops to master, or more importantly, a continual FREE SOURCE of items that can be used to decorate. 

 The FarmVille studio used to release these buildables on a routine basis.  We know that there are many of these deco or seed spitters already coded, metaphorically thrown in a closet, gathering dust, and abandoned by the FarmVille Studio.

Papa Dirt would like to know how you feel about seed and deco spitters, not just for yourself, but for all the groups of people that play FarmVille.  Remember that some people may prefer to master crops, some may prefer to collect fawns or gnomes, but many of us also prefer to decorate.  Papa wants to encourage as many people as possible to continue to play and support the game, so that we can all continue to play it.

Please take a moment to vote in our poll of the week, and then comment here, in our help group Ask the Dirt Farmer, explaining why you voted as you did.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Did you enjoy building seed and deco spitters, and would you like to see the FarmVille Studio release more into the game.

1. I'd like to see deco spitters return
2. I'd like to see seed spitters return.
3. I'd like to see both varieties return.
4. No, I didn't care for them, or I have no opinion about them.
Survey maker

Don’t understand the terms deco or seed spitter?  Want to see our complete list of buildings that harvest for seeds or decorations, including those that haven’t been released yet?  Click here if so.

That’s all we have for now, remember to return often to for all the latest Farmville news, and happy farming!

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