The Dirt Farmer’s Flash Poll October 20, 2017

The Dirt Farmer likes to measure the feeling of FarmVille players whenever new features are introduced into the game.  The Rock, Paper Shivers feature has been live for a few days now, and there sure have been a lot of comments about it in Ask the Dirt Farmer, so we thought we’d take a flash poll asking how people felt about it.

Please take a moment to vote in our flash poll, and then comment here, in ASK the Dirt Farmer, explaining why you voted the way you did. 

 Remember that there are members of the FarmVille Studio in all of our groups, and commenting in ASK the Dirt Farmer is one way to have your opinion noticed by the FarmVille Studio.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Do you like or dislike the new FarmVille feature Rock, Paper Shivers?

1. Like
2. Dislike
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Want to learn more about this feature?
Click here for our complete guide on Rock Paper Shivers
Click here for our video guide
That’s all we have for now, remember to visit often for all the latest FarmVille news and information!

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  1. this mini game is a waste of time have zero chance of winning anything with it.


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