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FarmVille's all new spooky ode to Halloween in the USA, the Shadow Creek farm is almost upon us. With it will come a new main feature, ROCK, PAPER SHIVERS. The Rock, Paper Shivers feature, like other recent farms main features will be limited edition and times. It will be available from the Early Access date of October 16, 2017 for Early Access players (We do not yet know if General  (free) Access players will be able to access the feature prior to General Access, if it is accessible it will be no more than the first tier), through December 3rd, 2017. Rock, Paper, Shivers will be both familiar and different as it is a hybrid of a HAND OF DESTINY type social game and several sets of POT OF GOLD type tasks This post will provide you with the details of the GRAVEYARD FORT TIER, and there will be separate posts for each additional tier as well as an overview post.

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For more on the individual tiers  of Rock Paper Shivers, please visit the Dirt Farmer's Rock, Paper Shivers Complete Guide.
The first tier in the Rock, Paper, Shivers feature is called GRAVEYARD FORT. This tier will be unlocked when you arrive on Shadow Creek.
Each of the 4 tiers in  the Rock, Paper Shivers feature will offer FIVE rewards and require THIRTY GAMES WON to acquire all five. That will cost 120 Tricky Treats, plus however many are wasted on games you lose. You will need to earn all five rewards and complete the unlock tasks in order to  progress to the next tier.
The Graveyard Fort tier will be the easiest of the four to complete, as it will be unlocked when you arrive on Shadow Creek and therefore you will not need to complete a challenging task set to unlock it.
Now for a look at the rewards to earn in the GRAVEYARD FORT TIER, and the number of games won required to earn each  one
Crystal Vine Tree Brewing Cauldron Witchy Owl
2 Games 4 Games 6 Games
Moon Burst Tiger Ghoul School  
8 Games 10  Games  

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