The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week September 24th, 2017


It seems as though every time we sit down to play FarmVille these days, something else is going wrong.  The current inability to post to the Facebook feed, which was caused by a change in the Facebook spam filter algorithm, has almost brought the game to a complete halt for many members.

Members in our Dirt Farmer groups have been expressing their intense displeasure with the inability to post to Facebook, because so many of the daily activities of FarmVille revolve around getting help by posting.  We hope that everyone realizes that Zynga has been trying hard to fix what Facebook broke, but as day after day drags on without being able to post, people are getting very discouraged. Farmers feel like they are missing out on all sorts of rewards, and they are offering different solutions to the problem.  With that in mind, we want to ask you to vote in our poll, and then comment in here, in ASK the Dirt Farmer, explaining why you voted as you did.

The DIRT FARMER wants to know: What should the FarmVille Studio do about the current features affected by the Facebook posting issue?

1. Re-Do those features later.
2. Remove the time limits on all affected features so they do not expire.
3. Just give the players some free stuff and move on with the next set of features.
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That’s all we have for now…return to frequently for all the latest FarmVille news, and Happy Farming!

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  1. I think the idea of no time limit is good as each countdown or farmstand has its own icon

  2. They've made these issues such a regular pattern of behavior that it's become very discouraging to try to play this game. I would like to see the time limits removed AND would like to see the players receive some free gifts as well. A new farm every 6 weeks plus all these glitches? Time for the powers that be to step up to the plate and show some genuine appreciation for those of us who have hung in there from day one.


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