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Are FarmVille posting issues making you see red? Excited by the banner that said it was fixed only to find yourself unable to click or get help? Your Dirt Farmer team has some workarounds for you. While all workarounds may not work for all players, hopefully at least one will get you back in the game. Workaround #3 is the one we recommend trying first - it is the easiest one with best return. Read below for details and please share....

On September 24th, after a LONG posting drought, players awoke to the following hopeful message over the game.

Unfortunately, our joy soon turned to dismay, when we discovered that while  we could now post, we couldn't collect, help or be helped as all of the links on the newsfeed would simply load our farms.... We have reported these issues to the FarmVille Studio and are awaiting a reply....

In coordination with members of our ASK the Dirt Farmer group and fans of our Facebook Page , your Dirt Farmer team has been investigating and testing workarounds. Here's what we have found.

Workaround #1

This allows you to click successfully and others to click your posts successfully within feed panel.

Now that we actually can post, though links are not functional on the feed, in and of themselves, enabling and using the FEED PANEL below the game is working for many players. While there is no LIKE button available, as like is a Facebook feature, not a game feature, we recommend trying it as it sure beats no help/collecting as well. This method works for some players (verified by DF Heather ) and does not work for others (verified by DF Melissa). It is not guaranteed, but worth a try.


Workaround #2

This allows you to click successfully it does not effect your posts.

Thanks to a message with a recommendation from Farmer Joanne on our Facebook page we have this one to offer you. Again it may not work for everyone (verified by DF Melissa) but it is worth a shot. Farmer Joanne is using the FIREFOX BROWSER.

She let us know that if she RIGHT CLICKS ON LINKS and clicks OPEN IN NEW PRIVATE WINDOW

and LOGS INTO FACEBOOK EACH TIME, the links on the feed work for her.

Again this may not work for everyone , and is a bit complicated, but worth a try if you really wish to get something accomplished. If you opt to try this method, be careful, there is always a chance that too many logins could trigger Facebook security features and lock your account.

Workaround #3 

This allows you to click successfully it does not effect your posts.

This one from Farmer Irene and Farmer Debi via Ms Wizard involves blocking cookies. Warning - blocking cookies may also make your gift envelope disappear. If you try this one, make sure to bookmark this post, so you will be able to unblock them when you need it. It's a little techy, but worth a try if you really need to be able to click.

We will use Chrome based browsers as example in this case.

First click on the exclamation point within a circle on the ADDRESS BAR (where you see the game url) then click on COOKIES.

Then find the two cookies that begin with fv-zprod, click the first one one then click block,  click the second one, then click block again, then click close. 

Then go to the newsfeed and find the post you want to click

Once you click on it, you will get the nag screen to allow posting, simply click not now

You will then get the success screen!

If your envelope disappears, or you need to unblock the cookies for any other gameplay reason, simply click on the xclamation point within a circle on the ADDRESS BAR (where you see the game url) then click on COOKIES again.

Then click on the blocked tab at the top, and click the first one then click allow, then click the second one, then click allow and click close when you are done.

Workaround #4 

This allows others  to click your posts successfully it does not effect your ability to click others posts unless they do this workaround .

This one should work for everyone, but it is a little techy... if you are not super comfortable with your computer, you may want to avoid this one as it may cause frustration. and replace it with

For this one you will need the Dirt Farmer's click trap remover.

In game, you will want to right click and copy the link. Then paste it into a text editor like notepad or Word. 

Find the following text in your link

and replace it with

then post the resulting link on your wall or in a group as a status and it will work if folks click on it. If you need a group to post your links in, the Dirt Farmer has got you covered. Click here to find out which groups are best for which type or f link.

Workaround #5


If you just don't want to deal with changing a darn thing but at least want to get the quest done, check out this tip from Farmer Ronnie and Farmer Bernadette (tested by DF Wendy and DF Eric)

All you have to do for this one is click to ask for the item, cancel the post and go back after some time and you have it. Timing has varied for different players from 3 to 3 and a half to 6 hours, so if it works for you, be aware that you will have to wait and check again if not done at the earlier times.

Thats it for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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