HOAX ALERT! Searching "Following Me" On Facebook Does NOT Show You Stalkers.

Many FarmVille players have recently been sharing a pretty scary Facebook warning about searching  followers. What does it all mean? Are you being stalked? Have you been hacked? In a word - NO! This is simply an old hoax that  tells you absolutely nothing about who is following you. What does it really show and how exactly do you know who is REALLY following you. Your Dirt Farmer team has investigated and we have full details for you. Read below for more and please share....

Who hasn't seen a version of this status floating around in the past few days? People are sharing, copying pasting and more. But guess what? It's a HOAX! Not only is it a HOAX, but Facebook can deactivate accounts if they're blocked on a mass scale. So not only is it not helpful, you can actually HARM others by doing it, through loss of their Facebook accounts. 

How do you know it's a HOAX? Well for one thing, if it's a  status that asks you to copy/paste it, there is a 99% chance that it is a HOAX or SCAM.

Secondly, before making changes, one should always verify - so we did.

Going to the page, you get the following screen 

if you search  you get a list of users with a  block button beside them. (Images and names redacted so as not to use innocent folks as example.)

So what's the problem? Problem is none of those folks are actually following you. 

It's simply a Facebook KEYWORD search, if you search the same on the main search bar, you're going to get a bunch of people too, this time with an add friend button. 

They simply have "follow me" or "following me" somewhere in their name or public about section. That's it. You shouldn't be any more surprised to see people you don't know as results from "following me" than you should to find Dirt Farmer posts from searching the Dirt Farmer. In this screenshot, I left the Follow Me folks have as their nickname in the screenshot, to make it more obvious why they come up.

Here's how to find out.

First, see if it is even possible for anyone you don't know to follow you. (Friends automatically follow you, it's how they see you in their newsfeed and if you tell them to unfollow, you won't get any help on your game posts, or likes on your status/photos etc)

To do this, click on the down arrow at upper right, then click on settings.

In the following screen, click on "Public Posts" on the left.

This will bring up the "Who can follow me" screen NOTE THAT IF YOU ALLOW FOLLOW IT WILL ONLY ALLOW NON-FRIENDS TO SEE YOUR PUBLIC POSTS IN THEIR NEWSFEED.  That means if you're posting to friends or a custom list - they cannot see it. 

If you do not wish  for people who are not your friends to be able to follow you at all, simply change the setting from public to friends. If it's already on friends, no one could follow you to begin with.

Let's say you have a business or web page on Facebook that you do post public to your timeline for and you want to allow follow. Then how do you know those folks aren't following you?.

First click on your name or picture in the upper right to view your timeline. 

Then look under "Intro" in upper left. Scroll to the bottom of that section and it will show you your number of followers. 

Clicking on the NUMBER brings up a list of who is actually  following you (again if no number there, no one is following you or you have follow off so no one can) . 

You can scroll through this list or use your browsers search function to search it (hold the ctrl key and press the f key, then type who you
 want to check on in the box that appears in the upper right on Chrome based browsers or lower left in Firefox/Mozilla based browsers) 

It's no surprise the people who come up on the keyword search are not there. As you can see my followers tend to have one or more mutual friends, and are most likely just following me to view Dirt Farmer information. Not a single person on the "following me" list in either place turned up on this list.

It's that easy to check out who is and isn't following you for sure. 

That's all for now! Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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