Friends Driving You Batty? Give Them A Facebook Snooze!

Facebook is testing an all  new feature that gives you more control over what you see in your newsfeed. When you don't get along with someone at all, you can unfriend them. If that seems a little drastic, you can unfollow... What about those folks you really like and want in your feed - who just happen to obsess about politics, a football team, their diet every once in a while. You don't want to unfollow them and forget - but you are really darn sick of seeing the obsession. Well good news... you can now SNOOZE your friends or even pages that you follow. That will hide them from your feed for a period of time, then they will come back without you having to remember, at the time you set when you snooze them... Check out the details below and please do share....

Please note that the Facebook Snooze feature is still in testing and you may not have it yet... keep your eyes open for future rollouts if you do not...

Using the Facebook snooze feature is super easy!

Simply click on the three dots at the upper right of a post from the person or page that you wish to snooze, then click on the little right arrow beside "Snooze or Unfollow".

Once you have clicked on the arrow, you will see an expanded menu offering you a choice of SNOOZE for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days - or of course the trusty old UNFOLLOW.  Simply click on the one that you wish. If you opt for one of the timed snoozes, the person or page will automatically return to your newsfeed when that period of time expires.

That's it! All you have to know! That's also all for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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